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    Sorry about that, it should be fixed in 1.8.0 which is now available. I've removed the test block that was the offender. I've also added a bit more information to the seed storage unit GUI (scan progress indicator) and fixed a few big duplication bugs. Additionally, this version adds in full support for NEI to the workbench and the assembler.

    On a side note, I could really use some better textures for these blocks in case anyone is good with that sort of thing and feeling generous!

    I'll make some textures you, also your wiki page about the sawmill should give numbers and percents, as I personally find it helpful

    OOOOOH THERMONUCLEAR FUSION!!! I was thinking of Nuclear fusion :P Slightly different, one is a method the other is the reaction.

    Thermonuclear Fusion sounds... AWESOME!!!!

    Making Matter + Antimatter is actually much harder than making Nucleus to melt together. And by the way, "combine them", means "make them melt". You need to do that to make this particles to get a VERY high speed, which means Particle Accelerator or Thermonuclear Fusion (because Temperature is directly related to kinetic energy). Now, please stop without knowing what you're talking about ^^. One can't just "put particles together". Just because of electronic repulsion.

    But... Matter+Anti-Matter=BOOM!!!!

    Fun fact: If there were no Azote in the air, lighting a match would result in the entire Earth setting on fire. Barbecues taken to a whole new level.

    Ozone [O3], no Azote

    I agreed with the rest, but ... WHAT ?
    Alpha and Beta aren't EM, right, there are He-Nucleus and Electron-Positron. But, apart from Gamma and Microwaves ... waves used for radio are radiations. Light is radiation (I mean the one you can see). Unless I'm mistaking because of some english terms, Microwaves mean "lower frequency than Infra Reds" (and higher than some others, but we don't care), and Gamma is "Higher than X-ray" ... so there are still plenthy of radiations between ^^ [and I'm only talking of light]
    Especially assuming that, according to Quantum Physic, every single body has a wave-function, which means everything is a radiation ... (even if we don't care for something like a human, a planet or a car, but that means Neutrons are radiations, even if you don't use to call these like that).

    As for new machine, Molten Salt reactors could be (GT here ... ^^), but these wouldn't be as fun (as the only thing that act on their efficiency is the concentration of Thorium in).

    Electron-Positron, no its Neutron OR Proton, and this is coming from an 8th-grader

    I am tempted to use this mod but first, I hear it is far cheaper to use UE, which I am a total N00B at for charging these suits, is this true... Also the expensive GregTech Recipes must be a config option for me to use this addon, maybe when the J to EU ratio is balanced and the GT recipes are a config I might use this mod... But, it sure looks cool :thumbup:

    Never have seen any on my project table. And since you can't just lookup the recipe again without searching it, things became more and more difficult the later the night became. ;)

    Did you install the RedPower Plugin :sleeping: plus, the addons section is for addons, not other mods with compatbility, that you didn't make, it would be like if I put up a RedPower is updated to 1.4.6 thread up in the addons section, because 'its a forge mod, and its compatible'. IC2 has native CraftGuide Support, as with native NEI support, why, CRAFTGUIDE HAS AN API!!!! :pinch:

    Over power mods ? over power is Equivalent Exchange, Plasma Craft, Forestry , No advanced solar panels , no quantum pack. I no like nerfed mod for example Greg tech. P.S i like spam solars i have 500 solars on my world :D

    EE3 is not Overpoewed, but I agree EE2 was a bit OP, and Forestry is OP how? Bees? Trees? What make Forestry OP? Is working your but off for cool looking wood OP? Is spending around 4 hours to get abee that make Glowstone Dust but sets you on fire OP? Also, GregTech has CONFIGS allowing you to turn off the pesky nerfings.[except my beloved :Tin Ingot: Bucket ;( ]

    There's already one for bronze.

    Edit: Speaking of bronze, I would much rather GT removed Forestry bronze from the ore dictionary and replaced Forestry's ore-dict recipes with ones that can only use Forestry bronze. That way everything but Forestry has to use IC2 bronze, without arbitrarily doubling the bronze you need for everything in Forestry.

    but 4=4, not 2, IC2 bronze is unbalanced because 4=2 :thumbdown:. plus the gt configs are not being created for me.

    Edit: I see the configs are now in a folder, herp derp, but I still want tin buckets back :( , but this mod is back in my setup now, I'll NEI in buckets, and NEI out tin for now

    I love the mod, but I think that after the ordeal with Soaryn, and removing tin buckets and balanced bronze [4 ingots should make 4 ingots, 4=4, not 2] I will discontinue using your mod :( , at least until a config option is provided for tin buckets and 3 copper + 1 tin = 4 bronze [3+1=4, not 2], but I will miss corundum crystals, and my rock-cutter... ;(
    EDIT: Using again

    well, as the author don't release update for open beta version, I guess you have to wait until a long time before the official IC2 for 1.4.5 is out and then this mod will be updated during that time :)

    Yeah, but by then ThaumCraft 3 would likely be public for 1.5, so I'll have to find some GregTech Iridium Ore and make my Q-Suit out of that [for now :( ].

    nope, sry, I don't do releases for pre-releases

    Well, this is the only mod left for my 1.4.2 LP (Eloraam's not gonna update RP2 for 1.4.2, and ThaumCraft 3 isn't even public), Guess I'll have to wait till 1.4.5 (atleast I'll have Xycraft then) to do my LP, or use non-slow grinder recycling

    MV Solar Array + Cobble [~640 Stacks 'ill do] + [ :Recycler: + :Advanced Machine: + :Macerator: ] + Mass Fab = :Matter:... ITS SCIENCE

    I assume you mean Extra bees. Last I checked, the mod was fairly broken, the wiki nonexestant, and bees being unable to make pumpkins, melons, nor Lilly-pads directly or propagate them like flowers

    No, I just REALLY LIKE extra bees, that's why I promote it in my sig, I'm planing on making a mod that adds UU RECIPES FOR THESE THINGS, not bees