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    interesting idea. A few ideas-

    1) can you mount it sideways? so the blocks go horizontal?
    2) Make the number of blocks it produce configurable.
    3) Make the type of block it produces configurable as well
    4) have the EU cost when it extends be a certain amount but the amount to maintain it less.
    5) have so you can add blocks to the device, that the device pushes out and reduce the cost in EUs since you are providing the blocks.
    6) have an Area of Effect Version. Or have tier 1, Tier 2 and tier 3 version each with additional features.

    Will the extend blocks push off torches, flower, Reeds and Cactus? that would make for a nifty farm.

    I installed the updated class files and what not and updated to Java 7 and now my Minecraft won't run.. its being all derpy. I had to downgrade back to java 6 and replace the charging bench .zip..

    any suggestions as to why java 7 doesn't like me?

    Right, if they go to the top.. hmm I haven't had a problem with insertion pipes dumping items, but if you have then just go with obsidian. I've been wondering if you can put buckets in a chest next to an Oil tank with a wood pipe and have the oil put in the buckets, then you could have the buckets shoot out through a portal; That would be the only reason to take the oil out of the tanks.

    you can Macerate cobble to gravel to flint, one to one to one. not sure which is more efficient cobble to dirt/sand to gravel..

    crap.. cobble turns to sand when you macerate it? thought it turned to gravel. I remember doing it before. *shrug* oh well. so yeah using EE to get gravel seems like the way to go.

    you can multiple your flint easily though. macerate gravel to flint use 2 flint to make 3 gravel with P.Stone on workbench.

    Just watched new episode. That's a lot of oil. you can use a filler to build pipe back to your house. just have it build in a straight line to max distance, may take two or three placements though. If you put power to a placed landmark is sends out blue beams to the max dimensions an area can be set. in case you didn't know.

    Two things about your new contraption-

    you can get flint from glowstone but it's a 7 step process- glowstone->coal->cobblestone->macerator->gravel->macerator->flint
    That being said Macerating 1 gravel gives 1 flint.
    Also you can turn Glowstone into clay and make brick, but you got the Obisidian Aggregators so.

    To keep things from overflowing use Insertion pipes. I'm thinking you'll need lots of double chests when breaking glowstone down to coal.
    If power is running to an IC2 Machine and you have an item put into it, will it never go into the fuel input? If you don't have enough macerators you may have an overflow issue.. I wonder how Insertion pipes work in that case..
    For the insertion pipes I just run it back around to the chest the pipe originated from.

    I'm a function over form person as well, but occasionally I'll think "hmm you know this would look cool like this.." I've built floors out of chests and furnaces, gold and diamond blocks. Walls out of Dispensers and Pistons, just because they looked cooler than stone or what have you.

    hehe, I'm so cheap. I built a contraption that turns Reeds into Diamonds. using EE to coal to industrial Diamonds. Its funny and a little complex. Let me dig up the old save and take a screen shot. I have the math for it somewhere. found it! 100 Sugar cane makes one industrial diamond. through a Series of Auto crafting tables, Macerators, compressors and furnaces.

    I love the Let's Play Direwolf. I've been using EE, BC, IC2 and RP on my worlds for a good while and thought they would make a good let's play. glad you did it. There are a few things from IC2, RP and EE that you haven't hit on yet that I think people would find interesting. For Instance the Hacksaw stuff from RP you can use in designing houses and making them look pretty and you can cut glass blocks down and 4x your supply for windows AND they are recoverable.

    ah yeah, I just put the two exact same designs in both and yours It says I didn't have to worry about the coolant cells going red for a while were on the other they got angry at me..

    I like the app quite a bit. I'm not good at designing yet.. I'm still a bit fuzzy on some of the specifics. I read Albaka's guide so I have a basic idea. I really don't want to do trial and error quite yet. So this app let's me do that and not nuke my world.

    is there a way to accelerate the cycles? I'm curious how long it some of my designs will take to accumulate a certain amount of heat. The other reactor planner has one of my designs going for 16minutes before it loses a coolant cell. just want to double check it..

    I'm a noob to designs, so just trying to get a handle on how the plates and cells interact. I'm trying to figure it out on my own so have yet to really look at others designs.

    I have InfiTools installed, one of the items you can make is an Ice Pickaxe, that mines Ice. The mod adds a ton of weapon and tool recipes and some of the tools have special abilities. One happens to be if you make an Ice Pickaxe head out of Ice blocks (its magic) when you mine an Ice block it will turn the surrounding water in a 3x3 into ice blocks. That would be my solution.
    I think there is a food mod that has an icemaker as well.. I'll snoop around a bit.