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    The Smelting Factories has multiple Bugs.
    1. The Sound doesnt turn Off until you restart the game (not only unloading the Chunk, you really need to reboot the whole Server in SMP!)
    2. It no longer accepts Upgrades at all, even if there is an ultimate Upgrade in the Slot.
    3. The Factory dupes itself when dropped, but I think you already know about that.

    Also your EU->UE ratio is still wrong. I need to avoid any IC²-Wire around a Smelting Factory (powered with Thermal Expansion), and one can still generate exploity amounts of EU using Hydrogen Generators, see SpwnX.

    Aaah! So many things to fix!

    I'm assuming most of you have installed v5.3.1, I'm hoping that solved most of these problems.

    Too much Platinum inside this Mod. ;)

    Alright! I'm planning on nerfing this a tad, perhaps just renaming everything platinum to something else.

    Your Energy Cube is saving its data at the Location you placed it. If you break one empty Cube, and place a Full one at the same location, it will just keep the 0 MJ instead of the 5 MJ of the placed Item.

    Most likely me forgetting to super blockBreak() or me overriding something in invalidate(). Thanks!
    EDIT: Unable to reproduce. Interesting

    Lol. So now, you're ... advertising us to win the competition ? ^^

    Haha, not exactly :) I didn't really phrase that correctly...

    My goal for Mekanism is to have it work well as an independent mod, but also communicate well with other mods if they are installed. It is true that competition drives business, but I meant that in comparison to the other mods -- Mekanism isn't meant as a way to monopolize this kind of machinery.

    Hope you understand.

    If I find something wrong, then I will send either a PM or add a Post to this Thread. :)

    Appreciate it :)

    I haven't thought it wasn't an UE addon at first . This sounds cool, but Thermal Expansion, Factorization, Mekanism and IC² ... that's too redundant .

    Exactly why I posted this here!
    Redundancy is competition. I happen to think HP, Acer, Dell, Sony and Samsung is a tad redundant for computer companies as well, but the fact they all make practically the same products helps them innovate.

    Calclavia has been generous enough to let me host my mod on his site, You can download Mekanism on it's page here.

    Questions and Answers... with myself


    Source Code
    Mekanism is open source, and isn't currently held under any license. This means you have the right to copy any of my code you find, credit me, and use it on your own. Not crediting me, however, would be considered plagiarism. You can click here for the source.

    Credit to GregoriousT for helping me balance this mod.

    Thanks for reading!

    If you don't put in harmful code it hurts no one. I just don't understand why people put malicious code in their mods its just weird to me.

    That 'malicious' word is taken out of context, and is honestly innacurate. If you've seen the code, all it does is make sure MC isn't using that specific filepath for its resources, and if so, displays an achievement-based message to notify the player. How would this be considered malicious or unjust in any way?

    Like Alblaka said, I'm pretty sure the byte[]-encoded strings were just RG playing around. If he wanted this code to be actually hidden he would have this be handled by a separate server.

    Seems RG put quite a bit of work into making that link hidden -- encoding the URL into a byte[] :P
    from what I can see it's certainly not malicious, and no, it doesn't look like that code you mentioned is there. he apparently uses that document to manage capes and a few other things, but I'm too lazy to use my byte-to-char converter to decode anymore :)

    yeah, definitely not malicious. just an achievement that, localized as "ic2info," that says the modpack isn't allowed. the code, though, has all this data encoded into byte[]s, to make it hard to decode. strange ;)

    I still think IC2 is better than UE, some of the concepts in UE addons are a bit... weird, especially in Mekanism. I don't like that the machines take tons of platinum, especially with GT installed. I don't like the magic thingies either. I seriously miss Hawk's machinery an Green technology.

    I happen to disagree with your opinion on Mekanism. Don't bias me as being the mod's author, but if you've used recent builds, you will notice nearly all content has been revamped to work excellently with the rest of the Universal Electricity mods. I don't think of IC2 as a competitor, I think of it almost a partner. Yes, a few of my machines are similar to IC2's, but this is most certainly not meant as a way of direct competition to Alblaka's mighty creation. Mekanism is meant as a way to have an IC2-like experience that cooperates with the rest of the UE mods and their content.

    In the end, Mekanism serves as medium between IC2 and UE. Note that all my machinery and energy storage devices implement the IC2 E-net, as well as the BuildCraft power framework. The mod was, originally, only coded with IC2 in mind. Actually, UE came later as I discovered it's potential in today's modding community.

    Thoughts on Universal Electricity as a whole

    No, Universal Electricity is not meant as a way to ruin IC2 and take over all mods that feature some form of electricity integration. In the long run, it's meant as a way to unify the electricity network that many mods are starting to implement, and make it simpler for the user to understand and maintain. Contrary to popular belief, UE is not natively compatible with IC2 -- it's integration is a courtesy of Player's recent refactor of the E-net to make it event based, which I very much appreciate. I feel many people compare UE with BuildCraft and IC2 in the same way people compare Technic with major mods. We're not trying to take over. We're developing a simple way for other mods' electricity to work with others.

    I'm thinking out loud here, feel free to contradict anything I say and discuss it. I highly respect IC2; I wouldn't have donated otherwise.


    Guys, I did it. I found out what the problem is.

    AudioManager is for some reason not being ticked anymore inside of IC2.

    Code you need:



    put that inside of tickStart() between EnergyNet.onTick(world) and platform.profilerEndStartSection("Networking");

    it'll work, trust me.


    That happened to be me, I don't really want to think I was ignored completely. You see, some kind of code would of had to be changed, because I have a working sound system in my mod. It works the same way IC2 does in the sense that it runs directly off of PaulsCode's SoundSystem. My mod is also similar to IC2 in the way that it creates a 'Sound' instance, just like IC2 creates an 'AudioSource' instance, for a certain object, in my case, a machine. I'm pretty sure I could sort this out if I saw the source code, but decompiling IC2 creates so many errors it's practically impossible to fix a sound-related bug.

    cull() may or may not fix, worth trying though.

    The problem resides in one of the following classes:



    Seems useful. Half-byte metadata cap is fairly annoying, and you're right, it's technically impossible to have a tile entity - based block drop itself. This could also be taken to the level of bad wrench drops, so you could specify what block or item would be dropped if a wrenching was unsuccessful. This could easily be implemented, and I am completely with GregT on this one.

    Thanks for your responses. However, there are a few things in the guidelines that I would like to clarify.

    In the first guideline, it says I cannot post the mod anywhere other than this forum without permission of the IC2 team. I would be posting this on MinecraftForum and Planet Minecraft.

    In the fifth guideline, it says I cannot receive any financial revenue, such as, with my mod. I would be using links for the mod, and it would be bundled with the IC2 API.

    As for Greg, thanks for your response, and the reason I need the API is so that my machines and/or power source units can both output and input IC2 energy.