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    The thing about green uranium, and green radioactive waste, well, lets just say that popular culture gets a TON of stuff totally wrong. Hence, we kinda have to keep with it, rather than making uranium yellow.

    Question, Should addon suggestions be posted here, or in the addon forum? because I got the impression that suggestions were not supposed to go in the addon forum, meaning I do not see anywhere to suggest them.

    if it's single player you can still use a "Fast Piston Elevator" which you can find on youtube. it wouln't work on multiplayer because of server to client latency, and as for a way down, why not just make a falling pit with 4 ladders in a 2by2 pattern to catch you? just don't land on the edges of the ladder, be sure to land in the middle, which isn't to hard. or you can try and grow Vines on an Iron Fence Elevator, when the fences aren;t charged then you can slide down the vines. when they are on then... well you know what happens.

    P.S. Quantum Boots adsorb ALL fall damage and allow you to jump like 10 blocks high, which are also considered metal.

    Heh, or if you bukket you can use wool too...

    hmm, I wish rubber sheets where a bit more effective, and worked on severs.

    Ah well, Laser mod is pretty much ideal for elevators, just look at direwolf's video. (note that I think he got the power levels a bit wrong however)

    He's saying you can... (or at least should as of latest version)... I personally don't use them myself, tbh..

    But I would like a non-armor dependent transport system for which to use in large scale buildings. This is due to the fact that I wear other mod related armors which aren't metal at all to negate falling damage...

    Ah. That is a good reason to not want to use the magnetizer.

    Isnt there a config option to add more things to the metal list? If not, it would be useful.


    I can store LONG_MAX^LONG_MAX different values if i like to. Don't try calculating that, could kill your engine.

    Heh, Yea, thats a bit steep. Even if that is more than 2^16, Its still too much for my calculator to take.

    But never call it ZPM. ZPM's are like Singleusebatteries. First charge it once with ultrapower and then use it for the next 1000 years or so.

    Well, If you look at stargate, that appears to be the case, although being able to discharge partially at a time. Also, probably not much more than 100 times as much capacity as a lapatron does here.
    Thing is, I was just using it as the most powerful power source I know of in Scifi. Otherwise, I would have made it part of the functionality of the banhammer, lol.

    Well If you could do that then I would be posting this silly person :huh:

    Ok, Should I assume you are a silly person, or that you made a typo, and hence created a contradiction? Because I think you mean, That If It were possible for the magnitizer to let you go down (without fall damage) then you would not be suggesting that. However, you appear to have said the opposite, saying that if that was possible, You would have good reason to post this, which sounds incorrect.

    Well This isnt ment to use abserd amounts of energy and is ment as a elevator. You are supposed to build this BEFORE the teleporter thus energy crystals.

    Well, If I could run Industrialcraft, Without the infurating technical difficulties, I could say whether or not the current magnitiser lets you fall (at non-damaging velocity) when holding shift.
    If that were the case, when you consider the speed the current magnitiser shoots you, well, Im not seeing a need for this.

    and infinate energy storage would be useful. i found it rediculous making 128 MFSUs for storage on my server to prevent people from feeling the need to use solar panels :p

    Wonderful :D

    Its certainly possible, though not intended. was looking for something for infinite power application. Also, It would be limited, to (I think) 4 billion EU regardless, unless you made it increments of more than 1 eu per damage. Still, 4 billion is such a rediculous amount, you could make 4 thousand UUM with it.
    Craftable one probably would require the MFSU, or possible a direct high energy converer, using HV and getting a far faster charge/discharge rate. Still, its no

    I guess it will output EV current? Or even more?

    Nope, Acts like a battery, except pretend it has infinite capaicty, and is always 50% full. So, you can drain energy out of it, as much as you dang well please, as well as drain the storage blocks. It isnt a block, its an item.
    So, bat-box, it effectively gives 32 eu/tick (or actually, I think things can discharge faster than that in a batbox, not sure tho)
    Mfe, 128, MFSU, 512. Obviously if you added in anouther storage block, it would go higher. Only thing I want to watch out for, is to make sure it works in the charging bench, and doesnt cause it to explode the wires and anything it connects to.

    Iridium block when hit by big explosion blocks all damage, but "decays". [turn into a different block] decayed block when destroyed by drill drops damaged iridum block that can't be reverted to plates/ore

    After 5 explosions it gets destroyed.

    Hmm, I wonder if that can be done with a single block ID.
    I think it can.

    It should use 4 iridium plating around a reinforced stone block IMO. Either you have the resources to produce silly amounts of UUM for invulnerability, or your admin cheats them up.

    Question, What is required to remove it?
    Mining laser?
    Wrench dismount?
    Diamond drill?
    How about Pistons?

    Name: Admin Tool of Banhammer'ing +9001

    Description: Back in Ic1, We had the Admin Tool of godlike banhammering +9001. This tool was amazing. It instantly destroyed anything it touched, aside from bedrock, as well as instantly killing it's target. It could even let you through a force-field, with proper timing.
    What if we brought it back?
    It would deal infinite damage, Desroy blocks instantly (use 'M'ode to alter drops or not, if possible), act as a perfect wrench...

    Or, we could use creative mode, and risk crashing the game, as well as having to replace every single block we destroy.

    Recipie: None

    Name: ZPM
    Description: I used to find it frustrating making a power source to test systems with. No, I dont like building massive solar arrays, casuc reactors, or manually TMI-ing Lapatrons or similar.
    Advanced solar arrays help, but dont work during the night. Charging benches work, but still need refilled. Oh, and you cant TMI lapatrons anymore, because of the new system makes them have no energy.

    So, As an aid for infinite power generation, for creative mode, Debugging addons (like forcefields), and for adventure maps, I would like A ZPM

    Basically, Stick it into an energy storage unit, and it will, as though it has infinite capacity, drain or fill said energy storage's power capaciter at the maximum rate, without any change to the item. Effectively, an infinite power source.

    Obviously none, because it is intended for testing only.

    Also, If not officially added, Would be nice as an addon as well.

    Well, As long as we get an exporter module, I have no issue with that explanation. otherwise, Its still going to be annoying to have to babysit any machine (unless it instantly processes the full half or third stack) which creates multiple objects per input, or the output doesn't stack.

    Ill try the re-bat trick and see if that works but to be honest this is on a creative server where we are just playing around with the mod. Now that i started a single player survival game it seems stupid to waste a solar cell on a single street light, just way to expensive in resources. This is an awesome mod but im a little underwhelmed with the illuminators. All the other things in the mod make our life easier or do new things. This is an overly complicated replacement for a torch, they need to have increased light range or some other advantage.

    Ah yea, Creative mode does that.

    And yea, I agree it is too expencive. Now, it gives 15 light to a torch's 14, but aside from that...

    the power usage is too high, unless the light radius hack is added at least.