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    I would like to see the storage removed when its plugged into a cable, but when it is placed away from cable it should have its long lasting storage, also it would be nice if their light would burn undead from a greater distance. Also maybe it could use a few upgrades like a super luminator that can be used offensivley as a directional mob cooker when its fed mv. Also maybe make it sort of like redpower covers in the respect that it occupies the same block as the cable, such would be useful if the luminators are applied as underwater lighting or perhaps under non solid blocks like doors, rails etc.

    The first part, With storage removed, Is suggested earlier in the thread.

    As far as I know, luminators dont hurt mobs anymore

    As for redpower cover idea, Not really possible, without significant changes to the code.

    While it would be an improvement to help building stuff, as long as it worked like creative flying (not swimming or jetpack flying, that is way too unstable to be used for anything building wise) I would certainly like this.
    However, Gold dust would not be enough. It really ought to require some semi-advanced resources. Using Iron fences + some kind of advanced magnitisors, and ofc requiring some iron equipment, would make at least some sense.

    Ranakastrasz: Fences could work too. Or have something like the plank > stick or RefIron > HV cable recipe, but input plain iron bars and give ReBar? (possibly added to ore dictionary to not conflict with railcraft?). I don't know, but something should replace the sticks.

    Garkin: Glad I got the mental image of what i was after across!

    Sebra: Works similar to the wooden one, but instead of requiring direct support from below, it can be supported by a wall next to it. Also, instead of sticks, treat it as reinforced if there's either a block below or a non-scaffold block next to it (allowing "floating" scaffolds to extend from it as wooden ones do). Hope that's clear enough :)

    I was thinking that you would still reinforce the central pieces, just that you use iron fences. That, and support can come from any direction, along with about 2x the support distance over wooden scaffolding.

    How about iron fences? I belive that is 6 refined iron for 12 iron fences? Seeing as the plank to stick ratio is also 2 sticks for one plank, this seems reasonable.

    I certainly like the idea, especially if it also allows construction foam to be used with it (that way, I can more easily construct ceilings without occasional dirt towers to support them, although I suppose having concrete columns are ok)

    Normal engine. I was trying to prove if 2 clashing light sources would increase the light level or not. Obviously my hypothesis was wrong.

    Yep, Light sorces do not stack. Light level diminishes by 1 per block away from a source, highest light level is used.

    I think my question then, Is whether you had there, An actual attempt of light-giving pseudoblocks, Or if it was just minecraft normal lighting?

    Because, That picture looks like it has the exactly lighting charactoristics you would expect from those two glowstone blocks.

    The lightning engine looks like it allocates all light source blocks, then iterates through, starting at 15, and setting all adjacent blocks to 14 (or rather one light level lower) unless it is already a higher value.
    It then repeats with 14, all the way down to 2 (no need for 1 ofc, since that would set the blocks to zero, which they already are, since blocks have default light source level of zero)

    Ofc, I could be wrong, but thats what it looks like.

    Well, It looks like the wall is all 15, with the signs being 14, simply by the borders.

    However, the signs appear to be giving much lower of a value, what you would get by default.

    You know that you would be practically making up to 9+ (You have to think of the corners too) light emitting pseudoblocks just to give it 2 more range of lightning right? Thats 9+ blocks that will consume resources (Small or otherwise), where you can simply place a second luminator 6-7 blocks apart from the first one to have a light level of 15 between the 2 of them? See where im going with this?

    I was ignoring the corners, because when you look at the minecraft lightning engines, the light levels do not go down by one in diagonals, but by twos.

    As for the second luminator, Yea, that would give you the 15 light level IF you had this extended system, as long as they were no more than 4 blocks between each of them. But, With the current system, to get 15 light everywhere, you need to have them on every free tile of space.

    Seeing as that was kinda what I had intended, I see no real issue then with luminators projecting them.

    *Simply*, on luminator activation, Or nearby block updates, cause the luminator to check for blocks to light up. Look at all 6 adjacent sides, except the one behind it.
    If it is air, Replace it with a *light* block. If it was air, or is transparent, then use it for the second iteration.

    That would pretty much do it.

    The pseudo block could "Pass" solid blocks, but first this is not the laser mod, and second if you place a block (Transparent or Not), it will remove this pseudo illumination block.

    Oh, So there is no problem, aside from being unable to apply full lightning to any non-air blocks.

    I didnt know you could place a block *In* a pseudo air block (seeing as apperently the minecraft engine has trouble with anything else being treated as air, and that is the main difference between air and passable blocks)

    Pseudo-Block for Lightlevel 17 would mean that you have to place pseudo-blocks up to 2 Blocks away, which actually means that you can't place anything 2 Blocks away from a luminator (which would make it hard to wire it). Pseudo-Blocks are a really bad idea, the only thing you will achieve for a lighting-range only 2 blocks farther is inconvenience and most likely a lot of lag. And of course they won't work with Ladders, Rails or anything transparent.

    Hmm, True, It would disallow placeing things while the light is on.

    Aside from that, the other parts are not quite true, seeing as it would not be difficulty to validate for rails and other transparent blocks, to not replace them, but be able to pass them.

    However, it is unlikely to cause a lot of lag, seeing as laser mod runs fine with a bunch of light lasers. (which do nearly the same thing)

    how about making 2 recipies for the luminators, a basical luminator has no storage, if you add a RE battery then it gains it's 10k internal storage? the "normal" ones only have a internal storage of 10, so when they no longer receive power they die in a second or so as previously stated by someone.

    or also as someone mentioned earlier, all they are is an inconvinient torch. so how about increase the light they produce to that of sunlight within a 3 block radius from the source. with this you could also make an artificial Sun Room for solar panels in an underground enviroment or in the nether. they would require the same amount of power (.25EU/t) but be able to power 9 solar panels if placed directly under it, i do not feel this would be over power cause your basically creating a minor Over-Unity system to run at the cost of minimal energy, when one can simply put solar panels above ground and save the trouple of placing all that additional wiring. doing it this way you could conceal your base under ground and not have a big Solar Mushroom sticking out over your "hidden" base.

    if we purely look at the first part, Interesting, especially if it could use energy crystals too.

    The second one is probably a bad idea, seeing as Solar panels are intended to be used with sunlight.

    If we used the pseudo-block method to extend the pseudo-light level to 17 or 18, Then you would have something far superior to a torch, despite using power.

    Ok, So this is fully possible, and considering there is no reason the blocks have to show up as lasers, Im pretty sure you could just place the around the luminator, two in each direction, so as to give the illusion of light level 17 (except for occlusion ofc)

    Yep, TMI-ed items do not work at all anymore, because it does not register an on-craft event, or something like that.
    The electrical item interface was changed to store energy without damage values I believe, so that causes TMI to not work right.

    I actually have to wonder if it is possible to spawn items in such a way as to have it think it was crafted, and hence work.