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    I've coded a fix for the EC Manipulator. I couldn't yet test it on a server, but there's no reason why it shouldn't. Except for MULTIPLE people trying to measure current at once XD

    From just spending about 20 minutes checking out my old world under the latest version it appears that ECM's aren't working still. Very occasionally I'll see a reading under the Long setting, but nothing under Short. I'll test more tomorrow, record a video if possible.

    BTW: MFE meter GUI looks like its working great again, once I replaced it. So maybe I need to do that with my gens and/or cables.

    I've done this a million times before so I know how to install IC into a SMP server jar. Trying tonight with 8.10 and I'm not sure what's up this time.
    1. Installed Flan's ML MP Server version.
    2. Installed all of IC plus Nano Suit and Improved Pickaxe
    3. No other mods.
    4. Boot causes... MinecraftCreeper

    Installing only Flan's MP boots fine, but once IC is added in it crashes and burns.

    Haven't tried many combinations yet, so I'll try disabling some other things. Thoughts? Thanks.

    I realize Alblaka is an almighty and powerful benevolent developer, but does anyone know his plans for fixing EC Manipulators in SMP? I can't build large power stations if I can't detect what the current is. I'd be shooting in the dark.

    This bug undermines about half of the mod as far as I'm concerned. The rest is just a few weapons and tools that can be found in any other mod, plus an "experimental" suit that's never come out of beta.

    I'm very glad to see MedievalCraft has had such a huge successful launch. Maybe IndustrialCraft can get worked on again some day or better yet, released to the community.

    Another question, how is everyone else working around this bug? Are you guys just sucking it up and laying cable by memory?

    Thanks in advance,