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    In a map in version 1.0.0 with IC²(I don´t know the version) there were a VERY silly bug: When there were no more energy in the Lappack, it was destructed like a normal armor(when it is broken).
    When I changed from Windows XP to 7, I deleted the Backup .minecraft folder with the broken LapPack, so I haven´t got data about tihs bug on my pc, and in my actual worly I always recharge my packs before they are empty, so i have realy nothing (ok, i have got the informations in my brain) about this bug.

    I have got too muchg enegy, so I need something that "eats" energy.
    Why don´t buuild a Mass Fabricator?
    It is a big energy-eater and make the item: Matter!

    I just started to make a new Industrial Surival World.
    I read the tutorial, so I started the world like every world, with a little Hut and collecting raw materials.

    On this huts roof I builded 4 solar panels, In the hut I builded a batbox, cabels, a extractor, a macerator and an electric furnace. Then there came a compressor and a canning machine, and I saw, that my hut was too small.
    What do you when you need room for maschines?
    You(or in this case I) build a factory!

    The world isnt ended, i will build lots of other things, so more Pictures will follow! :Solar Panel:

    Thank you, Industrial Craft Developer(s), for this very well modification!
    it is the BEST Mod I ever used!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!You made a Mod with anything anything!Really anything! You didn´t forgot sounds, thinks for SMP, good anymations, you forgot nothing!!
    Thank you!

    I mined in Caves and I found Copper on Mass but only a little Tin.
    When I place a Miner, I always get a lot of copper, and only some Tin(AND much gold, I have got(with Macerator) 2 Stacks of gold).
    So, I think, when I mine without maschines, I mine in Copper-Free Layers(Bedrock Layer) where I find much Tin, Iron, Coal, redstone, Diamonds and (useless) gold, and some Uranium too(but I don´t want a Reactor, I tested It in Creative and I saw how much Cooling I need), but no Copper. But I will never have Cooper Problems, because I sometimes(with a scanner) search Ore-Areas, where I can place the miner, ,and I have got MANY copper in a chest(I think 6 or 7 stacks).