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    oh... i dont want them... anyways cann you add mo'creatures and turn of most of mobs but leave horses n stuff? because its smp version is updated to 1.2.5 :))

    quarrys n stuff and auto farms everywhere will lag servr a lot more... please, no..

    I wanted to add mo creatures and remove all creatures except horses, but the current version of Mo'Creatures, there is a bug for smp. You cant get off your horse. So I think I will wait until the next release.

    I received this email today.

    Is this some sort of spam? or sexual harassment? lol.


    Your telling me this server fails? I joined your server once, left in 2 minutes due to it being so crap. No spawn. No where to say rules. No where to say where to go, the buildings that were there were crappy little things, cannot even say what they were.

    First off. I placed the spawn in a shitty area while I was renovating the real one, all the buildings around that you saw where from nubs like you who joined just for a day or so.
    Obviously you have not been on my server since, you don't know shit.

    Obviously your philosophy of owning a server is a lot different then mine. You started a server expecting it to be the next hot shit. Making an official website, and forum. Adding all sorts of plugins that only make sense for a server that actually has active players. You expected too much.


    Does your server have a massive custom mod that adds A LOT of items to the game?

    If your trying to brag about your server having "SimCraft" I can care less. That is probably one of the stupidest mods I have ever seen. It adds blocks to the game. That's it. Real stupid. If I wanted to play the Sims, I'd ask my little sister.
    Don't try and feel special about using that "SimCraft" mod, because your the only person who uses it.

    Pro Tip. Why don't you make a mod that people will actually want to play.

    Also, why did you name your server and mod off of a game that only 14 year old girls play?
    At least my server has RedPower Nuff Said.

    Ok let me re-phrase. Simcraft will be waiting for a Port of Redpower that Eloraam allows out. End of this conversation

    Regards Varience

    Have fun getting people to join ur server.

    Who charges people to play. LOL

    Fail Server.

    If someone other than Eloraams friends port redpower, i will not be using that port. I will only use Official ports for mods.

    First off, Eloraam only allows maeyaine to port her mod, and maeyaine did port it. So it is "Official"
    Eloraam just asked maeyaine not to release it.
    Although maeyaine already released it before Elorraam asked her not to, so many people already have the port. Like me.

    I can assure you that I understand what you are saying perfectly, and I am disagreeing with your view point. Interpretation of the law is up to each individual citizen, in the united states that's why we have the judicial system. I am trying to keep a civil argument and NOT verbally attack you.

    Further, distributing copyrighted work does not make one a pirate. In fact, in the United States, it is perfectly legal as long as it falls under fair use, see "". Also, I was providing the jar as a convenience to those whom already own a license to Minecraft, not for the use of crackers who have no use for my incomplete file set anyways.

    And further, 'Terms of Use' and EULAs have little to no legal weight. They are often combined with license agreements to allow one party to legally revoke the agreement.

    It does not matter if your intention was to release it to people with a license to play the game. That's no different from me uploading a torrent of a major game like mw3, and claiming I only uploaded it for people who bought mw3.

    You can't claim what you did is "Fair Use". As its not fair to mojang that you are distributing there game.

    You fail to realize that the only file you need to play minecraft is the minecraft.jar. All the other files are easily attainable. As most of the files are not even mojang's work to begin with. They are java dependency.
    Its will also be easier in the future when mojang releases there "Demo" of minecraft. People can just use your jar file and play the game for free.

    Distributing the minecraft jar makes you a pirate. Stop trying to claim fair use. You don't see any other mod packs that have the minecraft.jar included. You cant distribute the minecraft.jar file. This is why there are mod packs.

    So you're saying that everyone who retweets jeb is breaking the terms of use right? Because he made those statements and they are redistributing them. You're going to say that it's not the same thing, and I will disagree, it is the EXACT same thing, except for the length of the work. So the question is, how long is acceptable? That's up to your interpretation.

    Distirbuting information or violating the terms of an EULA does not make you a pirate, it is simply legal grounds for refusal and termination of service. (In the United States at least).

    There is a difference between re tweeting something that someone said, and distributing there copyrighted material. Stop being a smart ass. We have freedom of speech, we don't have freedom to redistribute copyrighted material. This is piracy.

    When you distribute copyrighted material, its called piracy. Stop arguing with that. Violating the tos may not make you a pirate, distributing copyrighted material does.


    If you read the second paragraph, it states 'we need all game downloads to come from a single central source: us. ' I feel like that clause is the most important one, which I do follow.

    You did not follow this. You had a download for the minecraft.jar. Regardless if it was modified it does NOT matter. This does not give you a right to distribute it. Stop making false claims.

    Obviously your not old enough to understand this, so I'm going to just stop arguing with you. Your download was already removed for distributing copyrighted material, so I don't see why your still trying to prove your self right.

    I am going to put this blunt, even a 4 year old should understand this.

    You Cannot Distribute the Minecraft Jar

    It does not matter if its modified. Your distributing there jar. This is against the minecraft tos. Don't be stupid.
    Distributing the jar allows people who have not bought the game to play it. This is piracy and your doing exactly this.

    Don't even say that you need an account to play. Because you don't need one. You can play offline as long as you have the minecraft jar. Which you provided.

    I offered to make you a legit modpack, but with your arrogance. I will not anymore.

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