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    have you noticed you can use wooden pipes to EXTRACTS stuff from reactors? If you time the clocks right, you can get a bucket to cool the reactor EVERY tick (+500 heat stable setup, nice to meet you!) and then pull the empty one out.

    Now, is there any automated way to FILL buckets ... ? Edit: BC pump?

    I have tried extracting the buckets with a wooden pipe. This works, the only problem is the wooden pipe will also extract the Uranium cells. Which I don't want. I know I could re-direct the Uranium cells back in to the reactor. It just does not work well.

    It spits it out? i thought that it got destroyed
    as i thought so that you could reuse the buckets

    the snow biome is gone in 1.8?!? are you sure? the biomes are much larger now you know

    After you place a bucket of water in the Nuclear Reactor. The Nuclear Reactor will cool down, by I think 500 or so heat. The empty bucket stays in the Nuclear Reactor though. It does not destroy the bucket. Nor spit it out.

    I was suggesting for the nuclear reactor to spit out buckets so I could make it a fully automated water cooled.

    Jeb_ said he had to remove the snow biome at the last second. It was causing some bugs. It will return in 1.9.

    Already can if you download the allocator mod.

    Just simply place the allocator next to the nuclear reactor and place an empty bucket in the allocator's filter. Supply the allocator with an on/off (alternating) redstone current and place a chest next to it to collect the buckets.

    Can't do that. The Allocator mod is a SSP mod only. I plan on running IC2 on my server.

    I started my IC2 world in SSP, and when SMP version gets released I will be transferring my SSP world to my SMP sever.

    So... The nuclear reactor spits out basically everything anyways.
    I don't know how to use java, but I'm sure all you would have to do is add the empty bucket to the Nuclear Reactor Spit out list.
    Obviously easier said then done. Just seems really reasonable.
    There is no reason for Empty buckets to be in the nuclear reactor anyways.

    Another way is using Ice blocks to cool down the reactor. But in 1.8 the snow biome is gone so it will be harder to get snowballs. So it will be harder to make Ice blocks.

    I don't know if this was mentioned, but you can easily get snowballs by using a shovel on snow. Snow could be found in the Winter Biomes. Snow always comes back, so its renewable resource.

    This is just a suggestion.

    When you place a bucket of water in the Reactor (when its hot) the water will evaporate leaving only a empty bucket. I don't like how the bucket stays in the reactor after the water evaporates.

    Making the Reactors spit out empty buckets would allow a automated Cooling system, which would involve BuildCraft.

    Automated Cooling System:
    1, A empty Bucket gets sent to the pump via build craft pipes.
    2, The pump turns the Bucket into a Bucket of Water.
    3, The Bucket of water gets sent to the Nuclear Reactor via BuildCraft pipes.
    4, The Nuclear Reactor uses the Bucket of water to cool down, leaving a empty bucket.
    5, The Empty Bucket gets spit out.
    6, A obsidian pipe collects the Empty bucket.
    7 Rinse and repeat.

    For step 6, it would also be nice if the nuclear reactor would spit the buckets out in a chest that is placed beside the reactor. This way you could use a simple engine to extract the empty bucket.