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    Here, I had this problem myself and finally found a solution. Take a peek; I'm assuming you're using Unleashed with that version, which is what I'm on.

    Welp, nevermind, I relogged this morning and everything works fine with two adjacent thermal boilers with pump covers. Thank you all anyways!

    Inefficient. The Outputs of the Thermal Boilers are one Block too far away from the inputs of the Steam Turbine. A Drain Cover installed before building the Thermal Boilers, set to import Mode would have been sufficient, and would have saved the Machine Boxes.

    The only location where you would have needed a Machine Box in 1.5 (1.6 has large Pipes for it), is the Lava Input, and that just because it consumes Lava quite fast.

    Drains, on the other hand, don't seem to work, possibly because they would still require a pump on the other side so I'd have to use a dedicated machine block inbetween all the same, I suppose. That or either a pump cover that I can't place. Oh well.

    One thermal boiler, given enough lava and water, can produce a whopping 800 mB/t of steam.
    A Steam turbine uses 1600 mB/t , so 2 boilers are required to run it.
    GT pump modules can move 1000 mB/t (so you can have the output hatch of the boiler directly adjacent to an input hatch of the steam turbine)


    You can use latest GT fluid pipes. The biggest one (large tungstensteel fluid pipe) can transport up to 960 mB/t.

    Yes, 800mB/t, you're right. I'm running on a modpack with a slightly outdated version of GT (3.11), so fluid pipes are unfortunately out of reach for the moment (really good that they're coming, though!), but pump modules work perfectly fine, thank you!

    So now I'm getting lots of steam to the steam turbine and that's brilliant. But, with two adjacent boilers, it still seems not to be enough as the turbine just stutters continuously, never producing any energy. Now, the Manual I can find ingame says a steam turbine requires 1666mB/t (if that changed in later revisions, I could see why), which is slightly more than two boilers can provide. But even attaching up to four maxed out liquiducts (netting an additional intake of 400mB/t of steam) there's still stuttering. Only with a third thermal boiler does the turbine run smoothly.

    Am I missing something here? :S

    I have a question: how am I supposed to cope with steam flow issues when using thermal boilers? A Thermal Expansion liquiduct, which is to my knowledge the most powerful pipe available, can only move 100mB/t of liquid per face it is connected to. A thermal boiler has two output hatches, so that would amount to a very pretty 200mB/t, which would still would be half of its steam production of 400mB/t, though. I have tried using ender tanks and liquid tesseracts, but they don't seem to receive steam from the output hatches, even when I configure said hatches to auto-output steam. I also don't seem to be getting steam flow putting the hatches in direct contact with Railcraft tanks or even a Gregtech steam turbine, for that matter.

    Is this purposedly so? Do we just have to wait till a very powerful Gregtech pipe is introduced? Or is there a workaround I haven't thought of?

    There's something that's bothering me... what does it take for heat exchangers to begin accumulating heat on themselves instead of routing it away to adjacent components? Cause it seems they prefer to take heat away, but I can't quite understand how :p

    Hello there, this is my first post so let me say how much you people rock for developing one of the best Minecraft mods out there and my personal all-time favourite :D

    That said, there are a few details that have always bugged me :p

    The first one is about hydroelectric power generation. Unfortunately, it has always felt slightly weak and unrealistic to me.
    So, my suggestion would be to have the "unmanned" water mill power output based upon the height difference between the source block of the water flowing around it and the generator itself. Maybe something like 1eu/t every 30 blocks of difference, capped at 60 blocks and 2 eu/t.

    Now, I don't know how complicated this would be to code, but It should be possible, given how RedPower pumps can work their way from flowing water up to a water source.

    My second suggestion would be to substitute uranium ingots with enriched cells in the nuke recipe. My feeling is that such a powerful explosive should be much more difficult to craft, especially if you're on a server. Besides, it would kind of simulate the process you have to go through IRL to produce weapon-grade uranium.