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    Could you explain how you got the 18.86?

    If I try to recalculate it, I get a different outcome. I've been out of the IC scene for a while, so I could be wrong.

    1 uu matter = 1.000.000 eu
    Scrap provides a 6x boost for 5.000 eu
    UU cost with scrap = 1.000.000 / 6 ~= 166.666,67
    Number of Scraps per UU = 1.000.000 / (6 * 5.000) ~= 33,33
    So we need 33.33 scrap and 166.666 uu for a piece of uu matter.

    To produce the scrap needed:
    ~33.33 scap = (1.000.000 / (6 * 5.000)) * 45 * 8 = 12000 eu

    total EU per UU = (1.000.000 / 6) + 12000 ~= 178.666,67
    The optimal ratio = ~178.666,67/12000 = 14,89:1 ~= 15:1

    So I'd say you need a recycler for every ~16 eu.

    The formula I'd use would be:
    R = EU/15,88
    or easier to remember
    R = EU/16 + 1

    Like I said before, I've been out of the IC scene for a while, so I might be missing a crucial fact.

    1 uu matter = 1.000.000 eu
    Scrap provides a 6x boost for 5.000 eu
    UU cost with scrap = 1.000.000 / 6 = 1.666.666,67
    Number of Scraps per UU = 1.000.000 / (6 * 5.000) = 33,33

    So we need 33.33 scrap and 1.666.666 uu for a piece of uu matter.

    With the limitation of only being able to process 1 scrap per tick,
    the maximum input without losing efficiency is simply 5.000

    Edit: fixed, didn't check the source.

    Hardcore PvP with mods... who would make that?

    I'd be interested in something like that. There are similar series going on on youtube. I'd love to try something similar only with mods. Maybe that should get its own topic to see if there is enough interest in this idea?

    So what you're saying is, we're not worth the effort to communicate clearly? I find it hard to believe that you are diligent with code if you type the way you do.
    It just tells me that your audience is worth less effort than your mod. Good luck with that. :rolleyes:

    Wow, instead of encouraging him, lets start bashing his face in. You really are a gem of the community.

    If you can't spell or use punctuation properly, your code is going to be a mess and won't operate properly.
    Forgive me for basing my evaluation of your upcoming mod's quality on your ability to communicate, but unlke us, a computer won't be able to "figure out" what you mean if you miss a comma or period or uppercase letter where it's needed. And you can't convince me that you're more precise when coding than you are when writing a simple sentence - unless you think your audience isn't worth the effort of communicating clearly.

    You should try decompiling IC1. Comparing punctuation with the quality of code, nuff said :')

    For someone who doesn't like it as gamplay, I gotta say, you have a lot of knowledge of EE. The mod souldn't be taken too seriously, its fun for a while I agree, but because its so easy you reach the end-stuff relatively quick. Thus making it less interesting rather quickly..

    But because difference in values of the same materials, using the mods in combination of each other makes it rather dull.

    Don't get me wrong, EE is a great mod, but I prefer a somewhat more durable gameplay. If you have a problem with it, don't use it.

    Yea the quantum suit is a little overpowered, but that is your reward for doing a ridiculous amount of work. That right it takes 5 pieces of Iron to make a minecart (3 ore blocks) versus several pieces iridium, Lapitron Crystals and other end game items. Plus with the advent of powered rails, if a cart system is set up right, it takes no energy to power.

    If it didn't require a rail etc. you where absolutely right!

    ^this. I wouldn't use retarded though.

    It is indeed fun to try in SP, but way to easy in combination with IC. Especially for SMP.

    I wish EE was more modular, so you could only pick the actual exchange part of it. This makes gold somewhat more usefull, Although using it in combination with IC is sort of cheating to me (esp. the macerator). For that reason alone I'm not gonna use EE when the 1.8+ version is available of IC²

    Anyway I loved to watch the first few ep's of your LP, helped me out somewhat with getting started. And personally I personally dislike the Red power plugin. Its like buying fridge meals instead of making it yourself (I'm not sure if thats the english expression). It would be awesome if there was a aesthetics pack.

    As for wood, I made a simple cacti farm, and convert cacti to wooden logs. Since I don't need a whole bunch of wood I kept it small.

    Keep up the good work!

    If you look at the Faithful texture pack, you'll see that is has a folder called IndustrialSprites with all the textures of industrial craft in it. It seems to work fine, although thats for 32x it might also work for 128x. Just realised thats not for ic², looks like the image structure changed.

    There's also a IC2sprites folder in the minecraft.jar, maybe if you keep the same structure in your MCPatcher will pick it up.