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    Bad news everyone. I had really serious desktop failure (it ended up with replaceing some parts, and doing a new, clean install the OS), so I have to do everything from scratch. So I want to get a list of features that everyone want to be a priority, and in that order I will write everything.

    Features to be considered at this time:

    -EU reader (current EU, total EU, max EU, and so)
    -MJ reader
    -I want to make a bluecticity reader, but Elo's license on RP (and not beeing released) is a major pain in neck, so state if anyone want to see it in future.
    -light meter (with indications)
    -montion sensors (also state if montion of mobs also is wanted feature)
    -nuclear reactor sensor (sense if reactors are nearby, and how exacly they are working)
    -equipment HUD display
    -am considering also to do a redstrone reader
    -ore detection (something like OD Scanner)

    Any features that You want to see on HUD (realated to helmets, and so) write in posts, so I can clearly see what is wanted atm.

    What I think about Greg HUD for QHelmet? Dunno. Didn't see it, or heard any details.

    As for alternative... Well, I plan support all mods that I use. And well, GregTech is one of them, so will deffinitly be some nice things around GregTech.

    Tease? Hmm... anyone seen logipies HUD glasses? well... that is like one thing... And there will be a change in name of addon. Actually it will be called IC Upgrades. Droping HUD is intentioned :) And well... I like idea of having more tools, and higher tiers in IC2...

    irridium drill smelting ores right away? consuming coal as fuel? I think that I seen something like that... Well yes. In two mods. Pickaxe of Core in TC, and something in EE2 (burning fuel for EMC). No that woul be overpowered. Electric tools have the limit on how many energy is for them on player. And that have to stay that way, cause when we will bring limit to endless sky, or provide a way to overcome that limit, we will have a tech version of unbalanced and OP EE2. (the matter to energy and energy to matter is present in IC2, as it was in EE2, and that is why I vote to disable many of UUM recipes). And also I voto so irridium drill will not destroy blocks. It's a drill, not a laser. For laser there is a reason to destroy blocks (it have a range, quite big...), and drill is one block range. No block destruction. I rather would like to see that it will consume more UE per operation. Still like idea that it will consume more enregy. 1x1 could have be like 150 EU per operation, or something like 200 EU, since it is hell lot that diamont drill. And in 3x3 mode it would consume like 1500 EU, (so it's more than per block, cause it's quicker). Also rechargable in MSFU+.

    DDrill is not so OP. It's nice. And irridium drill would hava to be hard to mantain, or cost woul actually be so high, that it would come into game when You have serveral ways of mining (turtles, BC quarry, RP blockbrakers on frames, and so...). Another thing is that DDrill in compare to Mining turtle... DDrill seems like a very weak tool. Turtles are quick, are programable, and player not have to held them to mine. Irridium drill would be nice only when building, or destroying hard materials. 3x3 mining also, mainly would be used in terraforming land for some build (cause of cost, that is why I want to be so expensive, so mining with it would be way too expensive). And so, and so. Another thing is that IC2 needs more energy sinks. Main energy sink is mass fabr. And product of mass fabr is UUM, and from that You can get valuable blocks in quantity that You need (in short idea: "throw crappy blocks, get valuable blocks", think we seen that in other mod...). I would also see other energy sinks. Well hell of them. Like energy minecarts (EU powered minecarts). Since I make lot's of railcraft contraptions I use engine carts (cause producing large amount of charcoal isn't a problem... Well You can produce that in coke oven, and since You have to produce creosote oil...), and To be honest I would rather make more expensive energy carts that run for EU, that engine carts. Why Cause I rather do EU transportion system than make wreid contraptions to refuel that frikking cart. Have to say that I used for that reason in 1.2.5 hyrid, or solar carts from steavs carts. Ofc, some of rail line are powered by boosters, but some (longer of them) are just by linking carts

    Please stop debating about irridium tool as a pickaxe. For the love of God. Super expensive material, used to craft end-tech equipment, and it shoul be used to craft a hoe? It sounds riddiculus.... Make tools, but expensive, using EU as fuel, and not enchantable (this is IC2, a techmod, why enchantments, why do magic stuff?). Would like to see a drill with speed od diamont, and would actually drill a 3x3 area. Something like that would be nice. Microwave drill could be named. Could have two modes. 1x1 mining, and 3x3 mining. Switchable. Diamond Drill would be used in crafting recipe, with irridium, and some lapotron(as a energy buffor), advanced circuits(complex tool). One use in 1x1 would cost 300 EU, one use in 3x3 would cost something like 1000 EU. That would be a tool that I would like to see in IC2.

    I would like to see higher tier tools that are technic tools, not another pickaxe...

    I would like also see a low tier something for legs. Cause for now there is nothing really. Maybe some "walking pants" that will make jumps little higher, and some more speed (but not drastic change). Or could serve as additional energy storage. Or could serve other purpouse.

    Why? For building huge builds just install other tools. There are all sorts of minimaps, and so. Beside, I tried to code such funny thingy, for my own amusment, and I will tell You one thing. It will eat Your CPU. Really. On distance 64 blocks (far render ?), It have to read each block in a minimal square of 64X128X128= 1 048 576 blocks. And when we want to add color masks You have to do a raycasting thingy in many directions. And all that on each tick, or on each action. Well that will actually eat lot of RAM, and CPU. Solution is to do a smaller distance (like 8 blocks), but then It will be not so good for building huge...

    Other solution is to get x-ray mod (think that it was called something diffrente, but google it), and try build with that with a huge lag :)

    I have to say that mcmz4e have actually some point. But well demands are somehow... odd.

    1. I like idea of some sort of nice and IC2-ish inventory item. Like a industrial backpack. But hell, not for all item. I like forestry approche to backpacks. I would see a backpack that will hold some additional inventory like 4-8 slots at max, and have a functionallity of batpack (with lower EU storage, or more expensive). Slots in this backpack will be as rechargeslots from generators. This way items could be charged in inventory. And to this backpack would go items that are electric tools. (Batteries, or crystals?). It also could be pants, like 'working pants'. Or something like... New idea so don't be too harsh.

    But in all, don't know why IC2 backpacks would give something that is in other mods, or give just extra storage for mining. Really don't know why such idea...

    2. I had sayd, that armors in IC2 are missing something for me... but hell... I am writing an addon, so I can adjust game experience :)

    3. leave addon in peace. Don't even say a thing about making them core. 1st thing try to write a addon/mod. 2nd try to mantain bigger mod that IC2 is. Then we can disscuss things like merging addons.

    4. I am usually recycling tin, or copper in late game... So I don't really care using tin for EU... same with batpacks, most of players make one. I do couple of them... same with armors... most of players don't use too much nano armor, or bronze. I do. Really nice thing. Same with solar helmet in late game. I also use fuel jetpacks. I also use windmills. I also use scrapboxes (lottery!). I also use coffe. And so on. IC2 is for me like a no. 1 mod. And like every part of it. Even constantly exploding nuclear reactor. Another thing is that I don't really need nuclear reactors. Cause when I can afford one, I usualy have tons of UE from generators, watermills, windmills, solar panels, bio fuel generators, and geothermal... So why I build nuclear ones? Just for fun. Probadly I will build much more cause of LAN in mc. And why not to make a nuclear one in every base? that sounds also fun :)

    5. security? MFFS :) and You have a solution :) IC2 is wonderful mods cause so many cool addons and integrations to other mods. I didn't really see other mod that will give so much. Maybe buildcraft. But other mods are just monolithic thing that have complete set of features, and that is all. Look at red power. New things are really not so often in that mod. same railcraft, same forestry, same EE, same most of mods. on IC2 every month we have at least one greate idea, and every week we have some nice addon to install.

    And other notes in topic. Greg tech = awesome. Really. Only two things are for me not so nice. Solar panels recipe, and irridium ore. Solars cause it make solar helmet a late/mid game item, and I like idea of early game item that can be use to power batpack, and give light (light helmet). Irridium ore, well... I send like 2 hours mining for irridium once... And when I asked on IRC how deep is irridium, and they answered that on -10 layer... So, well... I do tend to make that joke on others... But hell. GregTech is awesome cause of configs. You can customize it in 100%.

    Not enchanting as enchanting. Rather like upgrades. Idea is to make electric items have some special abilities. For example: You place a electric scanner upgrade in helmet, and You have electric scanning like in my mod (EU, Nuclear reactor, and so). But You have to pay for it by crafting upgrading module, and draining EU from lappack/batpack/gravi. There are more ideas, some implemented, some not, for example, scuba module, light module, solar-plating module, overcharge module, scope module, shield module, ore detector, night vision, bio scanner, jet pads and so. Really nice amount of modules. Thing is that at one time armor piece will have a limit on how many modules it can takes. Rather small numbers. For example: solar helmet will have only one module, and will have restrictions on witch module can be placed. Quantum will have 3/4 slots for modules. Also new pieces of equipment, and armor is incomming.

    Can say, that some of visions I already like, cause they will show minecraft from diffrent view.

    I don't like vanilla enchanting, so I will not implement costless things to OP tools and armor. I want to extend funcionality of armor, but in price of resources, EU/t, and limit of EU that player can hold at him.

    on shot kill on anything? I sounds like it could drain 2/3 ultimate lappack :) One shot at one charge, but leaves some energy to powert lightHelmet (from GregTech). That would be something. Thing is that it is possible to construct system that is capable to quicly recharge gravichestplate on a distance. But it need ender storage mod. Wonder if it will be possible to do some echantments on You lappack, and GraviChest. I have a mod in development that will give players ability to upgrade electric armor of IC2. I am planning to add some nice features, but still need time and testing.

    Don't know if You seen my mod. It's like a test of some features of upcomming mod.

    PS. "Made in Russia" should be included in GUI of advanced solars :)

    Demakustus: It don't corrupt the world. It's API version issues. Nuclear Control have old API, and it getting loaded before API provided by IC2 (yeah, funny), so actually cause that HUD Upgrades want to use old API that leaks some methods in interfaces... Have IC2 loaded first of Yours mods (give a 0 in front in name of IC2 mod file in mods/). Problem is that IC2 on version 103 added some nice methods in API, and I use them.

    @ DoomFruit: With Tessellator I presume. Got the same idea. I am rendering two triangles, but it gets buggy with other mods.... Well I am planing in changing that part of code to do something more generic. Actually I am working on a GUI ingame that will allow to chouse modes in with nano or quantum suite is working (I am spoiling right now), but I have issues with rendering custom things in world. Like floating in world gui icons, some infos tided to a block or living entity. Arror trajectory is like a kill to CPU right now (running on 4GHz on one core, and still lags like a shit...). More fun stuff is comming from code, and IC2 update will probadly breake some of them, dunno right now...

    Also for info. I am working on nuclear support hard. Like likning reactor to HUD(wireless nuclear control?) and keeping it in range or similiar.... Don't want to tell too much... Also I am getting lots of fun from designing animations for HUD. It's too static for me right now, soo... want to upgrade things a little...

    Also working on other mod tided to IC2, and want to give HUD Upgrades support from the beginning...

    PS. IC2 update. I want it badly...

    PS2. Battlegear support is WIP, but I don't forsee that it will come out in near future, cause battlegear change player a lot, and that is causing a headacke for me... Still new to modding and don't know how MC works exaclly (Tessellator example...), and don't want to get too confused...

    I don't want to give configurable HUD options this early, cause HUD will contain much more info, and HUD rendering will be changed. For now I have like 9 mounting points of diffrente HUD boxes... and also there is planned integration with BC stuff (but as Sengir told me, there is no source BC 3.1.5 API, so don't know how to obtain API for BC... if someone have API code, share it with me, and mod will have BC integration).

    Added a light level on right side of screen when wearing solar helmet. It indicates how many light is on block that player is standing, and it makes solar helmet not so unusefull in cave and so, cause now You can see where mobs will be spawned and where not.

    I am also thinking about making a bioReader. It will tell how well plants are (growth, and for IC2 plants their stats), name of plant, and similiar. Also will give info how many hearts have mob when looked at, and/or damage that it can throw towards You, and so on (anything usefull that I can fin in base classes of MC).

    @ I don't now: Light level ! on solar helmet. That is so obvious and I didn't think about it. Thx for idea. Will implement that. I think that solar and quantum can have that feture. Since with quantum I want to do a mod spawnig detection rather that light level.

    streetstar5: thx for tip. will see in mine & blade mod. I think that there is issue with inventory itaration... Since mine & blade changes inventory somehow... will see into it...

    grim961: coal thing is a bug... there should be my textures that represent if current item uses arrows, or energy as ammo. but it seems that I had mess up texture files... will change that in this week.

    And wow! Alblaka likes my mod :)

    I didn't implement any BC related fetures in current build. I am implementing them now. That's why I aseked to check it. Funny thing that when I looked in forestry mod code it didn't give me a clue why EU measurement is ignited. Still some dev builds fix that, but I can't get a proper MJ reading. This is little buggy cause machines that produces MJ have smething like internat capacity, and MJ value cycles somehow... It's just diffrente from IC2 energy a lot, but can manage it somehow... Stay tuned cause MJ, heat support comes... When I will find some time to test my current build I will also publish it here.

    This version is still very buggy. Well first mod ever, so still learning how to do stuff.

    I want thank You all for all kind words. Will deffinitly keep working on this mod. Have to rewrite some parts of mod, cause now I have idea how to make gui animated, and more generic. And also... I am planing a suprise :)

    can anyone confirm if my mod also work for forestry machines? Got tip that it work, but for me it's a bug rather a proper feature. Will bug SirSengir how he saves charge value. It seems that he uses the same NBT key as IC2 does, so it can get ugly at some point...

    AthenianGeneral . not a ripoff, cause HUD is tided to armor that You have on, and it gives information in very diffrente maner. for example my HUD is dependant of 3 types of helmets: Solar (very basic) nano, and quantum (same fetures). And want to do a really responsive HUD, not just static info.

    @I don't now Voices? Didn't even imagine that. Have to look if it wouldn't be too anoying. I play MC without sound, so don't even know what sound is in MC :), but will see into that. graphics are for now very basic, cause didn't have good idea for them. I was creating this mod to have some interesting info on screen. Will have to see if I could put some nice effects to it. Maybe custom renderer, and outline'ing box of block of interes... mob outlining? night vision? So much ideas...

    This is my first mod, so don't be too harsh.

    Wanted do have more info on screen when playing with IC2? Well, now You can. HUD Upgrades give some additional features to solar, nano and quantum helmet. Solar helmet provides only basic informations, as energy armor current energy, or jetpack flight status, but Nano and Quantum, well... You will have no need for crafting certain items when having Nano or Quantum helmet on. Just hover your crosshair on cable (You get current EU/t, max EU that can transfer, EU loss ), or energy emmiter (EU/t, max EU that can emmits), machines (also some EU information). When equiped with power tool, then You will have on screen capacity, current charge, and how many EU it takes per operation. Hover on reactor, and get current heat of that reactor. Want to fly with jetpack? There is also some new things on screen, like height on what You are, seed, or remaining fuel. And all of that will popup when needed. Check the screen below for more info.

    purple - jetpack assosiated info
    red - current energy reading from Energy block
    orange - current item info
    blue - current armor readings

    Further informations:

    planned features:
    -BC support (so it can also meassure MJ/t, and heat level of engines)
    -mob radar for quantum helmet? (10 blocks range)
    -ore detector for quantum helmet? (4 blocks range)
    -any other suggestions?
    -integrations with Gravitation Suite addon

    Would love to hear some feedback.

    v 0.3
    -added light level sensor for solar helmet
    -added integration with gravi suite mod
    -more reactor info (mostly corrected old ones)
    -energy storage blocks info added
    -moved to IC2 1.103 (cause some sexy methods were added to API)
    -bug with textures
    -bug with battlegear

    v 0.2
    -started mod public

    Installation notes:
    Since now my mod is using IC2 1.103, and some addons don't use new API for IC2, then it can throw an exception. It's caused old API used in other addons. Just load IC2 before any of it's addons and everything will be good :)

    Funny thing is that it uses only IC2 API (no decompilled stuff)(ok, and some NBT packets), and it's very close to reach peak of IC2 API. Would like to point out what API could have in future releases, but don't know where.

    Have download here: