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    NEI does many crazy things. Question: Could it be that you use IDResolver? If yes, then I will fix that.

    Actually, I do use IDResolver. It was part of an earlier problem I originally had when I enabled IDResolver. When I updated both GregTech and NEI, this new problem I'm having right now came up.

    EDIT: I just read the post that you fixed the bug I currently had. Updated GregTech and the bug is now gone. I'll let you know when I find something going wrong with GregTech.

    As an implementation to the mod itself, yes, as a crossover addon itself, no. However, I think suggesting more ideas that would require Dark Energy, for example, Klein Stars using the EU from Dark Energy, powering a DM Furnace using hypothetical Dark Energy Cables (the equivalent of Glass Fibre, but 2048EU/P), the possibilities are endless.

    By the way, the last time I tried using a Teleporter, it completely dried up my fully charged MFSU, maybe because it was Tekkit, idk.

    Teleporters use a lot of energy when you have stuff on. So really, this idea is an option towards people who don't want to build arrays of MFSUs and wouldn't waste more space in the Industrial Compartment. If you hate endgame stuff, then don't bother.

    Well, I have searched about "Dark Energy" in the forums and it didn't found any threads about this. Let's begin.

    Extreme Voltage is a "hypothetical" tier 4 stage that hasn't been fully utilized yet in IC2. For example, the HV-Transformer can convert EV 2048EU/P into HV 512EU/P, but no other machines (excluding Tranformer upgrades) exist for supporting EV natively. Mass Teleportation exceeds the energy of an MFSU, depending on the formula. So, this idea came out of the blue, so bare with me.

    This was meant as a suggestion as a crossover addon, but I guess this can be in the official mod too.

    A Dark Energy Crystal is a hypothetical term when using Dark Matter from Equivalent Exchange 2 along with end-game items to make it itself.
    DM Block = :Rubber Trampoline:
    Dark Matter = :Rubber:
    Lapotron Crystal = :Energy Crystal:

    There are some other requirements to balance this off though. I added some other suggested items.

    This here is the recipe for the Shadow Circuit, which results into a very dark shade of the Advanced Circuit, : :Compressed Coal Ball:

    :Rubber: :Iridium: :Rubber:
    :Energy Crystal: :Advanced Circuit: :Energy Crystal:
    :Rubber: :Iridium: :Rubber:

    Advanced Machines are not enough for this kind of power, so now we need the Abyss Machine, which results into a very dark shade of it, like above, : :Coal Chunk:

    ... :Iridium: ...
    :Rubber Trampoline: :Advanced Machine: :Rubber Trampoline:
    ... :Iridium: ...

    Now, the formation of the Dark Energy Crystals is made like this, which results of a black shining color of the Lapotron Crystal, and results in a end-game storage of 1,000,000,000 EU, HAYO!! : :Coalball:

    :Rubber: :Compressed Coal Ball: :Rubber:
    :Rubber: :Energy Crystal: :Rubber:
    :Rubber: :Compressed Coal Ball: :Rubber:

    Now, we need a massive-energy unit to power these crystals. That is why the Dark Energy Storage Unit, or DESU, was invented.

    :Coalball: :Compressed Coal Ball: :Coalball:
    :Coalball: :MFS-Unit: :Coalball:
    :Coalball: :Coal Chunk: :Coalball:

    This results with a whopping 8,000,000,000 EU, now, no more massive storage arrays of MFSUs! HAYO! :D

    This is intended for people who both have IndustrialCraft2 and Equivalent Exchange 2. I hope that one day this idea is implemented as an addon, or a feature of the mod itself! This is also endgame content, so it will be difficult to achieve alone. Any constructive criticism is helpful.