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    I think I've found a bug..

    If you have a electric engine (the white one that runs at the same rate as 1 combustion engine using fuel), and you use it to extract items say from chests and other machines, some of the items go into the engine and get deleted when more items go in. This may because the wooden doesn't detect that the face of the engine is pointing towards it. I still see the clear bit of the wooden pipe that allows items to go through is going into the engine.

    Noticed that this also happens with your advanced wooden electric pipe, but it's not exactly an issue with that though.

    ahem, I find no problem with the current system, and if you realy want to turn something off, remove a cable and stash it in a chest and replace it later...
    also, whats the problem with extra energy overflowing?

    Say you want to have a dedicated power supply to mass fab's. But don't want to run them all the time. I put a lever on MFSU, it charged up to 10mil then began to emit power to the Mass Fab's. It would better to not emit any power until you turn off the lever or remove it.

    It could also be helpful if you have many machine running of a single copper cable in parallel. Say you want your compressor to run for a bit then turn it off then run your macerator for a bit.

    It's just an suggestion/idea that could make power dividing easier.

    Ever wanted to power machines with a single HV cable? But don't want to have the machines powered all the time. Such as Miners and Mass Fab's.

    Behold! The power outlet. Just like a power socket in your house, it allows power to be turned on and off at will. Saving power during the night if you use solar power or if you go on an adventure to find more resources.

    Since the MFSU's are buggy in the fact that they emit power once they are full if they have been redstoned, the power outlet seems a proper choice.

    It would come in 2 flavours. LV outlet and a MV outlet.

    Recipes would be like so:

    LV Outlet:

    T L. T is the Low voltage transformer and the L is a Lever.

    It would be the same for a MV Outlet but with a MV Transformer

    A glass fibre can support more than 512 EU/t just not from one source.

    Say you have a MFSU emitting 512EU/t then have say some solar panels connecting to the same wire that has 512 running through it.

    The cable will not melt. It will carry 512 + whatever else is connected to it.

    I think it was shown with a pic somewhere....

    I"m attempting to make a power system where I don't have to worry about power creation. I just set it up and leave it at that. With Reactors, I would have to check it every so often to replenish the cooling cells etc.

    The furthest cable from a MFSU to the MF's is losing only 5 EU which isn't a great loss.

    I have the Mass Fab's in a building with Buildcraft pipes connected to them to suck them away to storage.

    I may end up using some of those solar flower rows for machines etc. But I'm currently building roof's with solar and wind generation.

    This is my map where I am creating a huge amount of Quarries and just a general massive factory floor (310x330 I believe).

    I leave my other legit play for my other map.

    I need some help with mass fabricators and MFSUs..

    I have 22 Mass fabricators which are powered by this Solar Farm (11k solar panels)…abo/2011-09-26_235404.png

    I use solar flowers with 13 per flower. I have a MFSU every 2 solar flowers.

    This is the wiring to the mass fabricators in my factory. Each wire contains EU from 4 rows of 18 solar flowers which is around 500EU/t…abo/2011-09-26_235416.png

    Each of these wires supplies 2 MF's. As seen here.…abo/2011-09-26_235334.png

    There is a MFSU ontop of a MF for when night time is about.

    I don't want them running 24/7 as my storage space would run out pretty quick.. I have placed levers on the sides of the MFSU which stopped EU from being transmitted to the MF's but once it was full, it began to supply power to MF's.

    Any help on how to stop MF's from creating matter without breaking cables (Which I've done in the above picture) would be great.

    P.S If you guys want, I can take SS's of my entire factory and storage system :P None of which are completely done yet still in the creating power sources still :P

    I noticed that when I was placing cables that are going vertical, I could simply just stand on a cable and place one right where I was standing without jumping up.

    Not sure if this was intentional..

    Also, are they going to have smaller collision boxes rather than having the cables taking up one block with a large amount of space around it. Bit like Buildcraft pipes would be good.


    I saw that a thread has been made about how the buildcraft pipes don't extract the correct items from canning machines.

    The same thing happens with Induction Furnaces. I put an input pipe on the top which places the ore/dust in the top slot to be smelted (Doesn't use both slot though :\). Then when I go to extract, I place a wooden pipe on the side and it extracts the ingots first then begins to extract the ore/dust that hasn't finished smelting.

    Not sure if this is a IC bug/problem or a buildcraft one.

    All the old machines work, just the Induction Furnace & canning machine.

    Not sure what you can do about the items to only going into one slot.. I mainly want the increased speed to be able to smelt glass in large amounts :P

    Cheers 8)