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    It is not possible to make cables work with microblocks without having IC² dependent on RP. About luminators in the cable's block... If it's possible, I like it! Also, what about glowing cables like IC1-luminators?

    Yeah, I'm not really sure how the code works. It seems the cables are already physically smaller than a full block but you still can't place anything within the same block space. It's a shame really because microblocks are an excellent idea and really add a lot to the game. Perhaps Alblaka could collaborate with Eloraam to incorporate microblocks into IC2? These developers are coming up with some awesome things on their own, imagine what they could do it they worked together!! :D

    I was just wondering if it would be too much hassle to redesign cable and luminator dimensions to work with microblocks. At the moment cables take up a full block space so using microblocks covers doesn't work too well unless you cover your entire floor/wall/ceiling with covers which causes a lot of problems when trying to place other blocks. Also would it be possible to rework luminators (yes I know they are being reworked now) to act like 1/8 sized microblocks? That way maybe we could have a strip of luminators and their cables all in one tidy block row. I've included a jpeg to illustrate the current problem.

    Hello, I was just wondering if the range upgrade can be upgraded to extend the range over 16 blocks. I'm building a facility where the reactor chamber is about 25 blocks from my control room, so the 16 block range just doesn't go far enough. Is there a way I can make this work without having to completely redesign my facility?