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    On the inter-dimensional teleportation, sorry, as of now there are no addons that allow transportation of players from one dimension to another.

    In terms of addons for IC2, yes, there are none.

    However, if you're willing to install Mystcraft, then there are portals/link books you can create to travel between dimensions and to your own target destination in said other dimensions (if that's the functionality you're looking for, Omne).

    That just means that cables are based on a wattage limitation... if the Watts get too high on either spectrum, it'll fry the wire...

    May be a bit unrealistic, but technically is logical....

    It's better not to think of IC2 wiring like real world electricity or else you'll end up confused. There are similarities, yes, but the laws of physics for IC2 electricity are different than real world physics so they don't function the same way. Just like Gaxx said in the post above this one, apples and oranges really.

    I'm pretty sure the current luminator already does this to some extent. Tested in 1.97 IC2, the luminator did set zombies and skeletons on fire when they were practically standing on them or next to them (ie, in the same block space the luminator occupies). You can test this in creative by powering an luminator with an energy crystal or something, then spawning a zombie or skeleton on top of it. It will burn (even at night time).

    Also, black as a color just means it absorbs (almost) all rays of the visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum, and the UV spectrum is only just past the visible spectrum (toward the higher power, shorter wavelength side) which --could-- mean the endermen absorb UV rays, just as humans do, which could "damage" them in a similar way (though we don't know for sure because, well, enderman exist in MC where UV rays don't really exist). UV protection would be something colored white, which would indicate the substance reflects (almost) all wavelengths of visible light in the EM spectrum, and possible UV rays (since they're so close in wavelength). Source: past school knowledge, and a quick google search confirming it.

    Edit: just tested in 1.103, luminators still function in the same way I described above.

    Put the water on the sides of the quarry then just scoop it up from each side when the quarry hits the bottom.

    That doesn't solve the problem of random water pools that can spawn, I suppose if you put the initial intentional water source on a corner and had an RP pump ready to suck out the water, when it hits bottom, it will not only suck out the initial source but also any others that happened to be within the quarry bounds, though I think we're going off topic with BC quarries and RP pumps when the whole point of the thread was to discuss IC2 mobile miner setups.

    When I used to use BC quarries, I would drop a bucket of water in the center of the quarry and the water would eventually cascade outward as it was dug and turn any lava into obsidian so it could be mined by the quarry and then the quarry could get past them. Then when the quarry hit bedrock, I'd use an RP pump to pull the water out of the quarry, and the grate doesn't even need to touch source blocks, it just needs to touch water blocks and then it iterates out and finds all the source blocks connected. The nice thing about the RP pump is it tends to pull water source blocks faster than they can regenerate which is perfect for this kind of use.

    I have a suggestion regarding HUD positioning. I've noticed now after a while of using this mod that the center orange and red boxes are somewhat distracting. Maybe move both of them to just below the y-coordinate purple box in your screenshot?

    Thanks a lot guys, I'll definitely get a good mining operation running now!

    So I can just plug a BatPack into the lower slots of the Miner and the Pump? If so, that would definitely be a viable tier 1 solution to all this. I'll look into it when I get back home!

    As others have said though, keep in mind one batpack won't be enough to power your miner for any long period of time, so it's best to invest those first few diamonds you get from the miner into making an energy crystal setup and then a lapotron setup.

    I think I can address one of your questions, regarding tier 1 energy storage, you could use a bat pack if you feel the diamond investment is too much initially. it's made from 6 batteries and as such carries 60000EU, but it only takes up one slot.

    I remember trying to run a miner next to a pump and a geothermal generator before (pump in between both), but the lava didn't seem to be transferred to the geothermal correctly, though when I tested that part, I didn't go into too much depth so my little test was probably invalid. I'll try that and report back the results.

    Awesome addon, I like the look and feel it gives while running around in my q-suit. Question though, what is that thing that looks like a piece of coal dust in your screenshot? It's inside the orange HUD showing your nano saber's battery level. I see it too when I'm using the mod, but I'm not sure what it's supposed to represent (I'm probably missing something obvious).

    I use an enderchest/lapotron charger combo where I get a lot of my energy from the nether when I periodically go there. I have it set up where an RP filter pulls out empty lapotrons from an ender chest in the nether and places them into an MFSU being charged by 25 or so geothermals, which are being provided lava by BC pipes (i know, BC, yuck, but i'm considering changing that to RP soon). Another filter pulls the charged lapotrons out and deposits them back into the same chest. Both filters are connected to a timer which pulses every 30 seconds or so which both pulls another empty lapotron out of the chest and deposits the filled lapotron into it. (when I made the setup I didn't bother to do the math on how long it should take the lapotrons to charge, I might go back and change that). In the overworld there's another double filter/ender chest combo outputting to a charging bench mk3 (an IC2 addon, located here: [AddOn v1.90] Charging Bench v1.90-1 , the download at the top is out of date but there is an up-to-date version further into the thread) which is always set to discharge into my collection of 8 MFSUs in parallel.

    The nether geothermal combo is a modified build from this thread [Tutorial] Efficiency, advanced lagfree Mechanics and logisticspipesfree recursive Autocrafting, with IC², Redpower and Tubestuff (including Windmillengineering by SpwnX) courtesy of GregoriusT. I imagine you could apply this principle to just transferring energy around. If you feel that method is too easy, you could go with a railcraft setup and an MFSU cart; I haven't tried this method yet, but I can see a nice way to do it.

    I'm thinking about starting a new world soon myself and I'll probably make a "portable goethermal station kit" that I can take with me to lava pools I find when I go mining in the overworld, then i'll use lapotrons to transfer the energy away to my base-- I could probably use an ender pouch to store the kit materials and the lapotrons in.

    Also, a fun fact I recently tested in a creative world: an IC2 pump being supplied lava by an RP pump receives enough lava to keep 5 goethermals filled with lava at all times (1 for each side of the pump, not counting the one used up by the lava source block, and assuming the lava doesn't run out). The goethermals are filled with lava sequentially by the pump and kept topped off whenever one uses up one unit of lava.