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    I know that IC2 uses its own steam as counting from distilled water, but why not allow universal steam to be fed into water distillers and get distilled water (Which can then be heated and turned into the special IC2 steam)? This would make IC2 a bit more friendly to other mods, and would be (IMO) fairly balanced.

    Just my input: Solar panels still work with snow (Had a run-away terraformer, and the HV solar supplying it had snow on it.)
    My suggestion regarding solar panels in the desert is to require coolant to be placed inside (which is how solar panels are typically cooled, regardless of location) or have water pumped to them via Buildcraft pumps.
    Include a coolant cell somewhere in the manufacturing process?

    In my server, I'm trying to automate the gather of snow for the purpose of turning it into ice. I use a terraformer, but it affects such a wide area, that I am tempted to turn it off (since I cant enclose it in a room)
    What I suggest is an alternative TFBP. In this instance, rather than make a TFBP with 4 snowballs to make it, use only 2 snowballs, and the terraformer will only affect 1 (Or 8x8 block) chunk rather than the 2 it currently is