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    Whew, thank god I was picked up by someone. Now, I need to think of a few ideas:

    First: Go along and destroy them from the source.
    Second: Be the Terminator and go back in time to prevent this crap happening again.
    Third: Call the mighty Dragonlord Albaka once again, and see what his magical knowledge of the mysterious JavaCode will bring us.

    Ok, now I need to find the seven holy Dragonballs Exceptional Javascript Artefacts to impale n00bs with, to summon Albaka. Although the amount of negative Flux we've created already from fighting so many Spambots may tip the universe out of balance, I may need to create Flux Capacators Arcane Alembics to assist with removing the Flux.

    Avoid storing Essentia Fractus at ALL COSTS! Spambots have harnessed the power of Thaumcraft, and they can and will use it against us! I have created a safe iridium-reinforced stone base at coords of [INITIATE 4096 BIT ENCRYPTION]9874.453.34579.12 and frequency of 9001. [END 4096 BIT ENCRYPTION] I have Warded Jars full of every aspect, and a spare Wand of the Thaumaturge. Come quick, my aura nodes and my Essentia Vacuos supply for oxygen won't last forever!

    Yeah, exploiting is awesome cheating (even with EE installed, FenixR ) although sometimes I find myself guilty of it. There's something wrong with me, I can te- OH MY GOD IS THAT A CHICKEN. THIS IS A WONDERFUL DISCOVERY :wacko: ( MinecraftChicken What the f*ck do YOU want, you potato thing?)

    You must be new around here... Its pretty old news that 80 to 95% of the trolls that live under this bridge Engineers that works in this company Losers people that comes to this forum hate EE.

    The mod can be described as a mountain, the climbing(Start of the game) is difficult, but getting down(End of the game) its a breeze, unlike regular minecraft that sort of try to keep the difficulty up.

    So yeah kinda pointless think to ask.

    Yup, I know. *insert rant from my reply to Alblaka* Just wanted some opinions :S

    I really don't think this thread is going anywhere useful... but hey, it's the Off-Topic section... as long as I don't have to ban a flamer/spammer, please proceed.

    Yeah, I kinda agree, but I just saw loads of mixed opinions, and I thought, "hell, why not start a thread?"

    *whispers to self* I have been replied to by a mod dev... I have a purpose in life :wacko:

    I personally think EE is overpowered only if you have the time to make it to the OP stuff. ( :Uranium Ingot: in my scale)
    But hey, that's just me. I want your opinions. ;)
    Feel free to use this grading scale thing:
    :Iridium: = Pretty balanced

    :Industrial Diamond: = Balanced, but a little OP

    :Uranium Ingot: = Half and half, but leaning towards balanced

    :Energy Crystal: = Really in the middle

    :Uranium: = Half and half, but leaning towards OP

    :Mining Laser: = Really OP, but a little balanced

    :Nuke TNT: = EE, go to hell (Way too OP)

    ?( = What's EE?


    Yeah, that was back when I was mainly experimenting with mods one at a time, I rarely used the pick of the core for anything other than its ability to find ores though, it really showed its use in the finding of the crystals which made each pick more than repay itself in Thaumic value when put in a repairer

    Yeah, I used to always be low on crystals, buuut then I stopped playing around with TC2 ;( <---"theres something wrong with me!"
    Runic Dusts mod and EE give me my Minecraft magic fix :P

    Really? When i use that Pick i cant use the Macerator.

    P.S. The Elemental Crusher is the best Miningtool ever.

    Greg: Agreed, and what I think CrafterOfMines57 meant was he was in a TC2 only game. Don't know why in hell it would be TC2 only, but to each man his own. TC + IC= epicness equivalent of a Crystal Chest filled with :Iridium: and :Quantum-Bodyarmor: :Quantum-Leggings: :Quantum-Boots: :Quantum-Helmet: :D
    Crafter: I meant when mining ores, not completely. Cause :Mining Laser: in super heat mines :Copper Ore: and gets :Copper Ingot: , like the Pick of the Core.