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    Take your time on it. I am in a beta which I cannot name and it is quite addictive. Takes me back to the 90's and well can't say much more until NDA is lifted hopefully next month. I was invited to the PlanetSide2 beta, but SOE made it impossible for the HD 38xx series from playing PS2 and I refuse to spend $200 (that I don't have) on a new video card. This other beta which cannot be named works with the HD38xx series without any problems. I might sign up for their pre-order package :)

    Anyways it is nice to see FC squirm and where he goes with this will be interesting. I actually liked BTW, but I like my forge mods more, in fact I was very happy to see Aether take forge as it is another of my favorites.

    What does forge have to do with BTW "becoming" Mp? If the old ModloaderMP Isn't dead yet he can just use that to keep being the autistic little child he always have been.

    lol. Alblaka had brought it up in the discussion and I was just responding to him.

    You mean how BTW fairs with the mentioned Mojang API?

    I was referring to the changes on how SSP is handled with the new local server. Maybe we will see BTW make that transformation, but since he is against forge we won't be sampling the 1.3 update for BTW.

    That's a good question, but I personally doubt that the official API will be worth much. I certainly expect to still have to install Forge at least. Honnestly, I'm really suspicious of the API. I worry that's it will be a reason for Mojang to say "we gave you an API, any mods based on decompiled source code are now TOS violations." I know I might be being a little paranoid, but companies (and their lawyers) have done crazier things.

    I tend to agree with you as well and the reason why is the console platforms. Currently if you are playing on a console then is SOL for mods. However, with a official API mojang can setup a system to deliver mods to players on consoles and let them enjoy modding. Another thing is how long it is taking them to get it out... 1.1 was supposed to be the API, then it went to 1.2, then 1.3, and I am assuming Jeb is saying 1.4.

    I am focused on the here and now of MC. I am hoping that TehKrush makes good on his promise to update plasticraft, and hoping that all my tech mods get updated as well.

    Well Alblaka I do hope you guys to plan to port to 1.3, I know Eloraam has already said she is planning to port RP2 over for 1.3. I do agree with you, it will be interesting to see how BTW fairs with this new system.

    related somewhat... I was on the jenkins build system for MCF and this is on the page.


    This project is currently disabled

    What's up with MCF?

    Okay maybe I do have the extra burst of energy lol.

    First off the base materials of aether:
    Aether Dirt - no real use in my book other than making bridges
    Holystone - Could be macerated in a aether edition macerator to Quicksoil (x1)
    Ambrosium Ore - macerates into Ambrosium Dust (x1)
    Zanite Ore - macerates into Zanite Dust (x2)
    Gravitite Ore - macerates into Gravitite Dust (x1)
    Skyroot planks - used in place of standard wood planks
    Ice Stone - ???
    Aerclouds (cold, blue, gold, and gel) - compresses it into chunks, possibly for making a new type of energy crystal (tier 1, 2 ,3 power storage)

    Name: Sun Macerator
    EU drain per tick: 4
    Duration: 15-20 base (depending on item)

    Name: Electric Freezer
    EU drain per tick: 8
    Duration: 15 base

    Name: Digital Enchanter
    EU drain per tick: 16
    Duration: 30 base

    Name: Electric Incubator
    EU drain per tick: 16
    Duration: 250 base (I am assuming the original version is 300 seconds)

    Name: Sky Macerator
    EU drain per tick: 4
    Duration: 15 base

    Name: Sky Compressor
    EU drain per tick: 4
    Duration: 15 base

    Name: Sky Generator
    Fuel types allowed: Skyroot, Skyroot Planks, Skyroot Saplings, and Ambrosium
    EU generated per tick: 12 EU
    Total EU per day: 1000-8000 per unit

    Name: Sky Energy Array
    Fuel Type: Aether sun
    EU generated per tick: .5 EU
    Total EU per day: 600 per panel

    Name: High Altitude Windmill
    Fuel Types: NONE
    EU Generated per tick: 2-6
    Total EU per day: 2400-7200

    changing the order of the energy generators would be required. Energy array should be the cheapest and easiest to build, where the H.A. Windmill should be more costly in resources.

    I was in a rush earlier (went to a local observatory with my telescope to break it in finally). I agree it would have to be built as a addon. As I was waiting on sunset to occur I put more thought into the idea. I was thinking that the crystals could be macerated into a powder, which in turn would be used in recipes. This would open the doors for the electric freezer which would have a slight bonus over the standard freezer. Also, you could macerate holystone into the sand that is in aether (can't remember the name of it off the top of my head). I haven't tested solar energy in aether yet, but even if it did work a new panel (possibly the aether solar array) could be used and it would output say 8EU per tick over the standard 5EU, but it would only function within aether. Another thing I thought of was creating a new windmill (again, only functioning in aether) that would produce a slightly higher base EU over the standard windmill.

    I am extremely exhausted right now and I just don't have the energy to build a list, but I will do so after I get off work tomorrow if someone is interested in taking on this addon idea.

    That dimension being the Aether. Recently aether relaunched with full forge support which means all forge mods can work with the aether. Problem is the aether is a different world when it comes to everything. I was thinking of a addon to IC2 that would retool the machines to work in aether. For example, take the macerator and rename it to something that sounds aether-ish, give it a new recipe that takes into account the aether based materials. It would not function outside of aether and could macerate aether based materials for further production. Creating a set of retooled machines would really take it to the next level, but also power has to be addressed. Ambrosia is the aether's version of coal, so a new generator would be required, and possibly re-tooling the solar panels to accept energy from the aether sun would be required. New machines could include a electric incubator for growing moa's and the electric freezer.

    I would post more, but I am a rush atm. I could sit down and get more detailed with it.

    the mod is located on

    and as far as I am aware they are NOT using MC forums at this time to post their mod up.

    I am not seeing my machines in NEI, CraftGuide, nor can I even craft them.

    I am using FML and IC^2 1.97
    Sorry I am brain dead tonight. I am in the process of loading Aether 1.9 and it required reseting everything. forgot the Adv. machines needed to be extracted from the download.