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    Tsk, Tsk. That explains why he didn't PM Greg, he doesn't even have an IC2 forums account! Next time Soaryn, maybe take the 5 mins to make an account, rather than communicating through 3th parties.

    Don't speak in matters you have no familiarity in. This whole thing was a heated topic in a IRC channel and I'm presuming RG just got tired of the the drama so he decided to take matters into his own hands and close the thread. It's not Soaryn's fault. It's not RG's fault. It's not Gregs fault.

    Note that the Xycraft-Dusts were only possible to get, when the User decompiled my Addon. I've never told anyone the Unlock-Key for those Dusts. Even if "GregoriusT".hashCode() wasnt really secure.

    Its now no longer possible to get them via Config, but its still possible to make an own Addon, which just sets an internal Variable to true. (what i personally did for my own Debug purposes, but that special mod is neither public nor uploaded, and it wont be so).

    And now the absurd, but maybe true or false Conspiracy Theory:
    Soaryn just got Richard to do so, to increase popularity of Xycraft, and to get me to tell Richard, that it was already only accessible by people, who decompiled my Source, as I told nobody the key to enable it. So in the end, we just got an early update of mine with connected Textures for Machine Casings, and the removed connection between Debug-Mode-Key-Code-Config and Xycraftcompatiblity. And nothing productive happened at all. (well those Textures were made, before Richard did that, so they don't count) :D

    Come on man.. Just be civil and work things out with them.