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    i think i have the same problem. i made nearly the same breeder (6 uranium and 24 isotope) and when the temperature is more than 9500 (nuclearcontrol) i cool it with water buckets, so the temperature is near 9200. earlier it worked fine, but in the new 1.103 update the last isotope cells (right bottom corner) are faster then the first (left top corner) and it is annoying. so in the past i could breed 2x24 isotope cells and now not because of slowpoke isotope cells =\ (i hope you understood my russian english)

    Can you tell how Assembler works? I can't find info on it anywhere

    you put some items into it yourself or through pipes (in my case it is water buckets and stone) and items that should be used in the upper slots. so if i put many buckets to assembler and only empty bucket in the upper slot it fills empty buckets. it uses only items in the upper slots. deployer will use only the first bucket and take and put back water, so if you want to take the water bucket from deployer sometimes the bucket can be empty and will not be taken. i hope you understood me)

    My casuc reactor from Russia!

    1970 EU/t. The temperature is near 4000 and never riched 5000 (i've made a counting machine and was afk for a very long time)
    If reactor is turned off or has no uranium the cooling turns off automatically. That's why i use nuclearcontrol, but it can work without it.
    i also have a breeder, that goes on temperature 9000-10000 and can make 48 new uranuim, using 6 uranium cells at one cycle. but it uses nuclearcontrol to keep temperature.