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    Personally im ok with the current reciepe, but if you have to change it, Prop#1 sounds good to me.

    I agree geo is cheap for what people use it for. When i first start out i go find a pit of lava, fill cells and shove into a geo. As it stands, even with just forestry, BC and IC2 one can still get lava shipped from the nether, althought it costs a bit more

    (pump + bottler + wax capsules + ender chest). For that to work, you'd need to farm up bees, which is quite time consuming, and the lava you get from the bees and capsules is rather slow. Also, the whole thermal expansion / Quarry thing is why i removed thermal expansion from my client. I realise i could just disable the crucible, but meh.

    Off topic: But i just found a oil pocket with a diameter of 30. Im expecting 14,000 buckets from this!

    Sorry for the double post, but after some testing i must say that i feel that biomass in a biogas engine + LV generator is a little OP considering how easy it is to generate biomass. i have enough biomass from four tree farms to run 8+ biogass generators and still be gaining biomass. 77,519 EU from a single biomass bucket in a single biogas engine, which burns for 10,000 ticks. Im fairly sure if i expand my farms i can have 6 biogas's operating in this fashion. (=+64 Eu/t) for very little effort. I'm fairly sure this is why the standard forestry bio generator nerfs it to 1000 ticks at 8 Eu/t per bucket.

    Yup. You can limit how much power is stored in a storage device quite easily using one of these and a eu splitter cable. This leaves you free to use the Do not emit on signal /emit only on signal on the storage device. Using many storage monitors you could have many presets for storing a certain amount of power. With some logic gates and a a manual lever, you could have a self-managing power system with priority! YOu oculd have security be a priority, and based on info from the power monitors, reduce power to other storage devices. When redpower gets updated, all that logic could be in a redpower computer, which is what i plan to do. I plan to have a day/night switch and many different power sources all managed by one computer!

    Hello Everyone!

    I'd like to start off by saying i've been lurking around here for a bout a week, and only been playing tekkit for about 2. I have been heavily addicted to tekkit ever since i read about nuclear reactors and got all excited :).

    Last night i brought Lucy, the Mark I-O-SUC reactor online. I should point out i built her all by hand, no creative. The feeling that it great.

    Link to reactor design: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…m5sggiryvohdt5chdfg0zwn40

    Reactor Stats:
    130 EU/t
    2.60 Efficiency
    SUC: 1 ice per 4 seconds (Lucy is heat Neutral at that rate)
    Surrounded by 23 water blocks.

    Cooling system(Turns On and Off with the reactor)
    6 IC2 Pumps
    6 Compressors with 1 overclock each
    1 Compressor with 5 overclocks
    Transposers to extract snowballs and deliver ice to the reactor

    (i realize i could have just used EMC for the ice but where's the fun in that?)

    Cooling Power: Self-contained Solar powered. Total draw is about 40 EU/T
    7 LV solar arrays connected to two MFE's with LV transformers attached. The MFE's power the cooling system quite easily overnight, and recharge during the day.

    I also have 3 Remote thermal monitors hooked up. They have their own seperate power supply (2 LV Arrays, attached to a MFE with LV transformer)

    Fault logic:
    *No ice within 4 seconds
    *Thermal Monitors have no power
    *Heat reaches 8400
    *Any signal sent to my black wire

    Thanks for reading. Here are some screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

    Some Cooling Logic(top of cooling block):

    Picture of facility. Reactor on the left, COntrol room front, cooling system back

    Inside Lower part of cooling block

    Control Room: