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    I decided to move the assembly, identifying problematic mod.
    As a result, at the forge in 1566 managed to get a working build.
    The main mod picked up, the rest remaining as unimportant.
    Who cares, the list under the spoiler.

    Tried without Forestry - it does not work.
    I tried to forestry_1.7.10- and forge 1566, which it requires. Same error.
    I tried to forestry_1.7.10-, forge 1566 without gregtech also crash.
    Logs below.
    Who knows what the minimum version required gregtech 08.05.33 - 05.09.21?

    Good afternoon. Problem with loading game when using this mod. When you delete a mod - all my modset is loaded fine. gregtech_1.7.10-5.07.08-maybe_broken.jar - works. But there is no fusion reactor. :(

    All later versions cause a crash when loading.
    I tried to forge version 1355, 1373 - the same result.
    I am attached logs from versions 5.8.33, 5.9.19, 5.9.21, from forge version 1373
    Someone can tell where to find the problem?

    Distillation tower is broken in that version. My suggestion is to just hold onto it, throw it in a chest somewhere till you update.

    If the version 3.11 does not work Distillation Tower, maybe someone will tell the version for MC 1.5.2, where she works? Other multiblock machines and fusion reactor should work too, of course. :)

    Or someone is planning to make new version of MC 1.5.2? 8|

    Sorry for the treatment of the old version of the mod, but there is a problem ..

    Minecraft 1.5.2
    Gregtechmod 3.11


    Disstilation tower not complited.
    I use 26x Standard Machine Casing and 16x Advanced Machine Casing as shown in this scheme, but Tower not complete the build. Tower control block flash red light and message "Incomplete machine casing!".

    Other multiblock machines work well.

    Can we influence change Block ID?
    Where should look for a solution to this problem?

    The log is almost identical. Couple of differences in numbers of errors, possibly due to the difference version of Java, but the problem is the same.


    it doesn't work with build 303, you need a maximum of version 4.1.1

    I'am have a minecraftforge-universal- and it's problem too. work fine in client with this forge, and crashes on server.. :cursing::thumbdown: What can you offer to solve this problem?

    I would like to know are you with AppleBomb? Because he and a few others started a github on continueing Rocket Science and got permission from the original creator, You should join up with them and show them the progress you made with this addon. Also I am the one who will be doing any textures for new blocks for them

    1) Please provide a direct link to this Github.
    2) What resolution permission from the original creator? Get it?
    3) What has been done and what is planned in the future?
    4) It is known whether the creator of the original mod to continue it?

    wasmic wrote:

    But it was also incompatible with FML...

    It was compatible with Forge Mod Loader. I have version minecraftforge-client-, all works fine. Another ModLoaders, such as Risugami ModLoader of Jamioflan ModLoaderMP is not installed.

    You can use the RS-BETA-1.1.3-Client. Attachment to my previous post. This is fixed RS-BETA-1.1.2-Client. (added some missing folders and .png files) All working properly. See screenshots. :) Remains only a bug fix with invisible textures on the some blocks. :(

    PS CrazyCrafter, ask forgiveness for version changes! Made to avoid errors.

    No, no, no..! The new beta release of worse than 1.1. Yes, the bug with 4096 ID in RocketScience.cfg is fixed, but lost the last good worked textures of items, superconductor, fusion reactor, GUIs. Instead, something strange white with spots and missing all GUIs, which previously worked. Invisible blocks not changed. Much easier to correct RocketScience.cfg by hands to this:

    Just backup from version 0.89 :)

    Or can use:
    boosterBlockID: 4095
    warheadBlockID: 4094
    machineID: 4093

    I think that all the problems associated with prescribing the default settings. Even a clean install gives the first block ID 4096, and the shift ID block, because of which are not painted textures. Or texture of the superconducting wire in a nuclear warhead. :)

    PS I will try to compare the configuration files to version 0.89 ..

    Forge, industrialcraft-2-client_1.103, BC, Foresry etc.. :) see logs..

    Mod conflict?