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    You basically just described my mod

    Are you still on this thing?

    No, this thread is from September.

    One of the biggest things I hate is when people speak for me and they have no idea what they are talking about :)

    The official thread is now here
    I've not maintained this one mainly because its no longer a suggestion and is indev. I have mechs half working, missile working, small arms releaseable.


    Are you still on this thing?
    Because if so, you mayb interested in combing your idea with mine ( Suggestion: War Robots/ -Machines of different tiers and animal-cross-breeding ; the war robot thing of course).
    If you would tele care of the texting 'n' stuff (i'm not good at this...), then i'll take care of modeling and texturing.

    I'm very particular on the ideas I have, I don't want it to just be PEWPEW ROBOTS, I want it to be a true futuristic combat system.

    So, if I understand right, usual members are bored to replies some "Wait for I-Conflict", "Do it yourself in an addon" or others ?

    all Weapons suggestions are denied before the release.

    Could you reword this please? I dont understand.
    I mentioned that I'm doing this as an addon now, its not a suggestion anymore.

    As for missiles I've seen the ICBM mod since posting this,
    still not quite the same thing I had in mind. I was thinking of a simpler system than that, mainly to be used for vehicle combat.
    And no offense, but the RocketScience addon is rather mundane.

    Could you link to something about Industrium Conflict? Searches are only coming up with random mentions of it

    When you mentioned anarchy, mechs and orbital lasers in the same sentence, I was pretty sure you were just ripping off Anarchy Online. :P
    Either way, these are pretty solid ideas. They would be interesting, but wouldn't quite fit into IC2, I think. As an addon pack for IC2, it would be spectacular, but I'm not sure everyone wants their bases completely blown up just yet, especially as bedrock protection isn't really an option for legit players.

    I swear I've not played that lol.

    I'm figuring that ill add tweaks to IC like any "reinforced" blocks and CF will be immune to all small explosions and lasers, and CF crafting will have 4x yield. The big deciding factor with using this mod for legit anarchy PVP will be a good Factions system, I brainstorm about it when bored in class. I figure each faction will get a single chunk with permanent protection from everything. And the dynmap will not show players, only mechs, terrain, and territory claims.

    Anyone experienced with server programming? I figured that I would write my own server code after I was done with 1.0 of the mod, but this keeps becoming more and more work.

    I should prob move this to the Addons thread, could an admin do that for me?

    So I've gotten the hang of modding for minecraft, Stuff so far I have. I'm calling this version 0.01 lol

    Sakuradite, an ore found in mountains that is needed for high-temperature superconductors in mechs and possibly other things in the mod.
    Stone burners, crafted mainly with a nuke, an entity that emits explosions continually for about 10 seconds, the explosions are only 2.0 power, but it will burn to bedrock. Good for making new mineshafts or B&E of underground bases.

    I have an irl friend who knows java who says he will help me, hes been busy recently though.

    I have no idea how to make rendering to work properly with forge. LexManos is a scary forum moderator so I'm afraid to ask for too much help over there :(

    I'm also having trouble creating turrets so that they can take damage, im currently having them extend EntityLiving, but I cant punch them nor does TNT affect them, which is odd because a normal extends Entity with the same update code can be moved with explosions; I'm guessing this is because forge, but then again who knows.

    If someone would be willing to realtime chat with me and give me some newb help with forge that would be great.

    So, I can get a satellite up with a TNT cannon. OK. But then, we have a nuclear reactor, a Crystalline power storage unit, and a bunch of explosives and water. ADD FREAKIN' ROCKETS ALREADY!!! Or just make it so that you can put it on a rocket science module *COUGH CRAZYCRAFTER COUGH*. Think about it.

    The Rocket Science addon is overpowered because the rockets are so cheap; plus I'm trying to keep things simple.
    Part of the point of a cannon as well is so you need time to set it up where enemies will have time to stop you.

    BTW, i REALLY look forward to using this. May i suggest that each sattelite would have a corresponding machine in the world? So that to fire TEH LAZORS you would have to pump a SH*TTON of power into the machine, which you could also right click to show power level? It should also accept HV, maby even EV, and be able to store enough power for two or three blasts in a row.

    EDIT: AWESOME idea. TEH LAZORS would have an annoying inacurracy, so that to hit precisely, you would have to sneak into the enemy's base, place a beacon, activate it and run before you orbital battle station of death and destruction unleashes a blast of heat and pressure and other nasty stuff. And of course an item that will cause the sattelite to lock on to you, no matter where you run, and shoot you 10 seconds after you press the button. It would be connected to a specific sattelite with a frequency value, like the teleporters.

    The satellites would be used through an interface activated with a held item, it shows which sats you have then you select one to access its own interface. As for power that's what the charging laser installations are for, the satellite has a capacitor onboard which gets charged (I'm thinking two max power strikes from max capacity), multiple chargers can focus a single sat.

    For targeting you wouldn't be able to hit the enemy base on the first hit unless you had freaky good skill at guessing coords. The orbital laser will use a very large amount of EU, so it is not intended as a primary weapon. Since you have to use a laser to break their base that means there was no way to get close enough to use other weapons. You would have to fire low power calibration shots. That would give the target a small bit of time to cover up or move their installations.

    Currently I'm going through the online Java tutorial from Oracle, I'll also ask my informatics professor if he could give any tips.

    When the harpoons, air-strikes, and nukes fail.

    Lol yeah pretty much. The point of the orbital lasers to to break a siege if all your ICBMs and mechs get shot down, or to snipe away turrets.

    Though on a server I would have to say that each faction gets a 10x10x6 room encased in bedrock with a limited amount of chests, simply because once you get really high tech it sucks to lose everything. Even now with ender chests you have to set everything up again, which can be awful and truly inspire ragequitting.

    Sounds awesome! Though you may want to rethink the satellite concept, since it is incredibly difficult to get such a thing beyond world height (y258), and you can't really place blocks there. Maybe send it up with a blank missile?

    er yea I meant 256 not 512
    Satellites are very powerful and part of the point is to make it difficult to get them up

    EDIT: I built a TNT cannon and it only takes 48 TNT to get above 512, and thats with a somewhat ineficcient cannon.