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    I noticed on the current beta that long-range and scatter mode on the mining laser are able destroy reinforced blocks. I never noticed this before so I went back to check and this is also true in 1.95
    Is this working as intended?

    I know this has been mentioned in previous threads but, it could be a useful feature to have the option of limiting which fire modes are available on a server. :thumbup:

    I can confirm this bug with my version of 1.107 IC2 and Nether Ores.. I believe what's happening is it's generating tons of Gold and Coal in the places where there should be Copper and Tin, as there are vast quantities of these two types of ore on the Nether's main surface..

    I've tested this on 1.108 with similar results. No tin/copper, ores generate in massive veins that seem to run the full height of the neither. Abnormal amounts of coal, iron, as well as diamond, just messing around with a mining laser for about five minutes down near layer 12 yields a full stack of diamond ore with more to be found..

    in Version ModularForceFieldSystemV2. + Buildcraft is an option not more prerequisite

    Thank You for your reply!

    That is good to hear about BC. I ran into a problem trying to load the client mod through magic launcher. Looking over the output I saw it was failing on some missing BC methods but I'm not entirely sure if that is the cause of the crash or not. I've attached the crash report.

    Along with your mod I also have Forge, IC2 1.106, compactsolar, IC2 Nuclear Control 1.3.1, Railcraft, ReiMiniMap 3.2_05, OptiFine 1.3.2 HD U B3

    Modular Force Field System V 2.1 is now Opensource (GNU Public License v3.0).

    You can find code repository at
    Version 2.1 is the new Version for MC 1.3 it is still in Development.
    I will Upload "Release Build" here to Download.
    i will Use the Github Wiki for documentation soon...
    I you have Issues or found Bugs post it here or use Github "Issues"

    For MC 1.3.2 you need Modular Force Field System V 2.1.7.* from Github. Version - * need BC installed

    First of all great mod, thank you for all the hard work. I am wondering if BC will remain a requirement as the 1.3.x compatible version is released?

    Also given a very short test it seems only the client side components of the mod requires BC? The server mod seemed to load without any issues.

    I ran into a strange problem in conjunction with 1.103 running on a cb++ server (craftbukkit-1.2.5-FML-R4.1-SNAPSHOT-75.jar), when connecting one of the advanced blocks into HV power the explosion animation runs continuously and in rapid concession.

    Damage is consistent with a single explosion and logging out and back in fixes the immediate problem, the animation does seem to eventually stop on its own. Downgrading IC to 1.97 also removes the problem.

    No errors log on the server side and everything else seems to be working as expected.