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    I'm not sure how this would work, or how viable this may be, but how about some sort of beam that you blast into the sky, turning the night to day (late game, sounds dumb :P) it may be a cool idea (yes it would be op most likely) but it could be expensive to use the one shot pellet (like everything) to turn the night away

    So is there a fix to this, I can't tell if this is making flashy world holes that are there for a split second or if its my Rp2 timer and retriever system from it...
    The problem thats spamming my server log is:
    [WARNING] [IC2] API ERROR: ic2.advancedmachines.common.TileEntityCentrifugeExtractor@321d03cf didn't implement demandsEnergy() properly, no energy from injectEnergy although demandsEnergy() remained true.

    I've already asked it. So I'll answer, to show I've learn my lesson ^^
    Saphphire and Ruby from Gregtech and from RP are techically in the Ore-Dictionnary, but not "compatible" while meaning that "you can replace the one with another" (In Gregtech Craft, but you can use the one you want to create ampliier for massfab). Simply because RP gems are so common ... that would be OP.

    Thank you! So they ar compatible but they just make the other one op, makes sense, ty

    Great mod, but one quick question. I'm wondering if all of the ores are on the ore dictionary? I know that silver is, but I am more curious about ruby and sapphire with the compatability with RP2 ores( yes i know you can't test because rp2 isn't out :( ). Love the mod and keep making it more amazing!!!

    I was playing around with a few of the new Items for the Nuclear reactors, and my game has crashed from the Quad Core Uranium cells and the heat-capacity reactor plating, it makes the map corrupted and crashes whenever i try to play on them. I'm not sure if there are any other reactor items that aren't working but I can check if you guys want me to

    I found a bug, or at least I think i did. I happened to notice the new item with NEI called nightvision goggles, the item texture looks like it is bugged/missing and when i tried to equip it my game crashed. I'm not sure if you guys aren't finished with it yet, since you are all hard at work. But i thought i would just give a helping hand if you didn't know!