1.106 Reactor Components bug

  • I was playing around with a few of the new Items for the Nuclear reactors, and my game has crashed from the Quad Core Uranium cells and the heat-capacity reactor plating, it makes the map corrupted and crashes whenever i try to play on them. I'm not sure if there are any other reactor items that aren't working but I can check if you guys want me to

  • So i had the exact same problem, every time i tried to put a uranium cell in my reactor, the game crashed. I tracked it down to one of my addons(extra bees in my case). I remove the IC folder from the zip file, and voila it worked :)

    what kinda mods you use together with IC2?

  • The same happens to me whenever I just place a regular uranium cell in a reactor. :Uranium Cell:

    EDIT:Thanks, Exinferis. Extra Bees did cause it.