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    Hey Thunderdark, thanks for making and maintaining this excellent mod!

    I have a question, I'm looking to automate the installation of forcicium cells into the extractor however it doesn't seem to be Isided, is this by design to prevent infinite power being generated or was it an oversight?

    Assuming it was an oversight, do you intend to make the extractor Isided at some point in the future?


    - Sinai

    Lol, the Charge-O-Mat is only outputting Energy in Discharge-Mode (Redstoned). if you dont want explosions, then dont redstone it.

    Ok this is not the response I was hoping for, please let me clarify.

    No where does it state that your machine outputs EV, upon connecting the charging block it immediately destroyed half of my base. I didn't get the chance to choose if I wanted redstone or not it simply caused the MFSU to explode.

    As a test I applied the same build setup but included a mass fabricator, needless to say rebuilding my base wouldn't have been possible.

    All I want is to enjoy your excellent mod and not have myself or others have to rebuild my base repeatedly after losing vast amounts of expensive and time consuming work.

    If it can be arranged somehow that the redstone behavior is toggled from within the machine similar to Thermal Expansion behavior then I would recommend that.

    If the wiki can somehow be updated to advise people (I'll happily do it if necessary) that this machine has the potential to destroy much of what you build then that also would be advised.

    (I have applied to the wiki and intend to update if accepted (and permitted), the page regarding the Charge'O Mat).

    - Sinai

    After a search I haven't found this issue to be reported anywhere else so here goes!

    In combination with the FTB mods Gregtech, IC2 and Gravisuit you can produce quite a good explosion without intending to by dropping all the machines on the same power line.

    I had a couple tier 2 machines that were using redstone signals to idle at 100%, I dropped the Charge'O mat down next to the Induction furnace and the redstone single for the furnace immediately put the C'O'M into discharge mode which then sucked a bunch of energy out of my Gravisuit.

    After that the MFSU exploded taking out the side of my house, chests and such. Several frantic minutes of picking stuff up ensued! :)


    Can we set a toggle on the Charge'O mat to choose Charge or Discharge mode, or someway to limit the machines output visibly? I'm assuming that the Charge'O mat is outputting energy like the other GT machines do but the energy level is too high for the MFSU to absorb and thus *boom*


    Some testing on SSP indicates that the charge station outputs extreme high voltage, is that an oversight or intended?

    - Sinai