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    Hang on. No moon makes me kinda sad(the idea of building a moon base complete with a giant frikkin laser to blow up my foes seemed fun), but I have a hunch I know what you're planning to do to make the rockets which could reach the moon still useful...
    Orbital Ion Cannons! I love it! Always wanted to build one, the idea of blowing up foes with a few button presses with a pretty death beam from the sky has always made me happy.

    Orbital Ion Cannons you will have to wait on Alblaka to implement... It is a planned feature of IC² 8)

    Biggest reason there... Initially, I think Flowerchild believed that compatibility with other mods meant that he could share and collaborate with others with his work, and by doing so expand his mod. However, the ultimate reason why he began hating this was due to the fact that the compatibility altered and 'deformed' the game design of his base mod by other mods and their modifications. Specifically, when I began showing my work on Youtube with the BTW community, they became flabbergasted at the level of change I could institute with simple CR designs and tech tree alterations. Alternatively, I ended up with some of the most unique styled progression paths in the game with my recipe 'addons', and I do think this is why FC began to leer away from compatibility as a whole (because when FC began to make some rigid, semi-unreasonable changes to the BTW base, I was usually the first to straight up circumvent said changes, lol...)

    So basically, the Forge leaving is a move to basically "preserve the mod" in his mind. Which, tbh, is pretty damn vain overall due to how modding works period. FC can try and 'justify' his move as much as he wants, but really it boils down to him wanting his mod 'played his way'...

    That's a tall order to ask from the very same people who won't play MC 'the way it was intended'...

    If that is the case, it would indeed be a very selfish move his.

    Lets see

    1) Looks like a pipe? *Check*
    2) Connects like a pipe? *Check*
    3) Moves Items like a pipe? *Check*

    So while you may call it a "Tube" for all functional uses it is a PIPE and I will continue to call it so.

    And Eloraam called them tubes, for to somehow distance them from BC pipes. xD
    Although they will by next feature release of BC (3.0) be totally inferior to pipes (If she don't chance them)
    (But as of now, SpaceToad gets back at Eloraam, hard *slam*LOLROFLPWND*).

    Next upgrade will be a failsafe (well dunno if that is possible but atleast 9 out of 10 times) emergency shutdown system for this reactor. Iam thinking of laying red alloy wires (which when broken will shut down the reactor in the reactor containment chamber and use this too: http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=1907. Currently it will obliviously explode if water bucket cooling system stops to work for whatever reason.

    Do you think that emergency shutdown system will be fast enough? Use something which burn fast, wool maybe? :S

    Just in case anyone else has this problem, both turning the sound off via the options, or removing the wind turbine sound file seem work around this problem. :)

    Yes, this is a sound engine performance issue which I hope they fix soon :pinch:
    For me, it is present on all generator.

    Also @ the person wanting almost 1 eu/t: That would be twice as much as solars (works at night) with a much cheaper recipe, that works anywhere (A perk no other no-fuel reactor has). Thus, OP ;)

    You can always sleep. (wow, suddenly solars work 24/7... if you want it. I think being able to double the energy produced by something as easy as having a bed is super OP!)
    The water mill has an effective space requirement which is 18 to 26 times larger than the solar panel, and because of its special setup (21 water blocks) is thus much less mobile (and is harder to expand on).
    Do you think a design which is 259 times larger than a :Geothermal Generator: but yields almost the same is OP? k...
    Well I think a design (at the present :Water Mill: output) which is 987 times larger than a :Geothermal Generator: but only yields 11.5 EU/t is UP...
    If every water tower (12 :Water Mill: ) granted the same as maybe ½ a :Geothermal Generator: which would be ~=0.020 EU per water block. (Note: that is more than double the amount of :Generator: than for a setup with equal output using solars)

    TL;DR: To be balanced to both the Solar Panel and the Geothermal, the Water mill needs its output doubled (here space is a factor to be reckoned with).

    I would be happy if every waterblock just granted 0.045 EU
    This would give 0.945 EU per water mill and 11.34 in a tower of 12 (do you know how much friggin space that takes, and what a hazel it is to build).
    It would place :Water Mill: at the level of a Geothermal but but a lot more bulky. I would be free energy, but have to work hard for little (but not such ridiculously small amount as now).

    guy, since nether have plenty of lava so i want to setup pump inside nether, drain lava and make lava cell in there.
    the question is how do i get pump up and running? since most lava steady in bottom floor but i'm in middle floor.

    Just work your way down to lavapool level or use lots of mining pipes (you need to be above the lava ^^ ).
    It's hard work, and it will probably be more feasible to build a nuclear reactor.. but the fun and awesomeness factor is at play :D

    This will need a new series of data transfer cables (seriously, idk why :Glass Fibre: is able to transfer EU at very low resistance and High voltage - should be replaced by some glowstone lapis superconductors or something.)
    They would obviously not connect to power cables and would be required to control these useful blocks that Al talked about.
    And would also be used when transferring any type of data between storages or to the CPUs and would be crucial when placing consoles (actually called Terminals IRL).
    This would again require there to be switch boxes and Netting/Sub-netting.