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    There are also few more problems with predicting everything. First of all this type of machine would have to predict itself. If it would need googol of bits to describe whole universe without this machine, than this machine would need 2 googols of bits of information, to predict universe with this machine and its prediction.

    ...but then, it would need 3. And therefore, it'd need 4. And so on.

    Modloader.txt ("buono" means "fine" and "migliore" is "finer"):

    looking into it, need your modloader.txt, and a copy of your save might help as well.

    My world:
    The engine is powering a quarry at x=95 y=64 z=20 (west from the position where I saved the game)
    Also using RP2, Advanced Machines, Thermometer, 100% Wrench Rate, Iron Chests, Bucket Filler, Customrecipes, Additional Pipes, Optifine, Timber! and an XPORB fix.

    Modloader.txt: in the next post, it can't fit here xD I didn't notice anything wrong in it, though.


    Pretty nice indeed.

    Oh, that is freakin' epic!

    I wonder if it would be possible to add in a way to collect the mob-kebab's drops and deposit them in a chest?

    You could put RP's transposers next to the blocks with pressure plates on them... you'll probably need a repeater to make them activate only after the mob die.

    I could, but a few things that I'm concerned of:

    1. You will lose everything in your chests when you update.
    2. Chests uses Metadata to store orientation, i.e. which side the chest is facing. (Updating will probably cause some change here, by putting facing in NBT int instead)

    If you guys don't mind removing all items from Iron/Gold/Diamond chests and remove the chests themselves, then I can do it.

    Well, personally I wouldn't mind moving around some stuff to free 2 IDs, but that's just me...

    Downloaded! I really hope this don't get discontinued, it would be a pain having to move everything back into normal chests XD

    Seconded thirded XD

    I agree with Rowy. Also,... the wood its the only renovable resource. If you spend all the stone,... In a server made for a long term game, someday you are gonna need to go far for stone, and all below the ground will be a hollow place. Also you destro the beautyness of the map. But with wood, you can build foerever without touching too much the landscape. And 10 wood blocks are in a normal way 40 wooden planks.

    In IC you can use matter to create stone or whatever. Anyway, it eats stars in the process.

    Cobblestone generators (and a furnace if you want smooth stone)? I don't think you'll run out of lava and water(!).

    I think you are wrong: this is a quote from the wiki

    this means that even a single uranium cell should produce more than his system. the uranium cells inside his reactor make 2 pulse each every second (a reactor tick), so he is producing 800 EU/s (40 EU/t).

    Hell, I've been planning reactors based on that huge mistake for weeks =/
    Noob Ian is Noob... sorry.