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    YEAH, I need this :D

    Suggestion: wireless power transmitter
    works similar to the charge o mat but for all kinds of electric devices. Just put your machine near the power transmitter, equip it with a special antenna an *hayo* it's powered.
    Downside:... It's quite expensive as it is tier V, it's limited regarding range and uses more energy then standard cables because of energy loss ;)

    GregTech is not built nearly as intelligently. Aluminum dust is an extremely common byproduct, but aluminum ingots have very few uses except to replace refined iron- but when I first got the ability to make those ingots, it was difficult enough to make them that I didn't want to use it for anything other than the things only it can do, which is, basically, batteries. And once it becomes trivial to make aluminum ingots, I'll have more than enough iron, so what's the point? Chrome and titanium are even worse. They're essential for a bunch of machines, but only ruby dust and bauxite produce them, respectively. It was time-consuming and laborious to produce my first matter fabricator, but Greg got rid of the only thing that made the mass fabricator special (iridium) and replaced it with expensive ways to get things I could get by exploring. And the technological leap to the next useful machine is so great that I might as well not bother.

    I agree, but only to some point. IC2 is well tought out but only until you reach the poing where you have a massfabricator and enough energy. If you want to extend the game and keep it challenging, then a lot needs to be changed. Of course greg had to introduce new items/ingots/ores that are harder to obtain then existing ones. I also think it's not optimal that some of them only have one or two usecaes. But the only alternative to that is to completely restart with a new mod, call it IC3 (or better something else :p) and create all items based on the new end game plan.
    Also keep in mind that releasing of gregtech is totally different than IC2 releasing. If greg would release only after his mod is finished... oh I wouldn't wanna wait that long ;)

    Two questions:

    1) Is there a way with use of translocators/buffers/sorter or whatever to build a splitter?
    E.g. 64 Cobblestone from one chest -> 2*32 Cobblestone in two other chests.
    I need this to equally distribute one type of load like Helium Cells over to a bunch of industrial centrifuges ;)
    2) Anyone of you using a chunkloader? I tried chickenChunks but it crashes my minecraft.
    oh and 3) @Greg, great great job, can't say it enough. Your work is really appreciated ;)


    Has anyone a good Idea what to do with it? (except Circuits!)

    Additional to circuits gold is used in space and satellite technology. Also some nano technology stuff.
    IC2 introduced refined iron, there could also be something like refined or electrolytic gold as electronics need very pure gold.
    BTW. I also have several stacks of gold... stacks of goldblocks :p

    Suggestion for new high tech materials, carbon nano tube ;) crafted from coal but you should need some new machinery to create them.
    And I have to say chrome is too expensive. Created from UU matter it's more expensive than Iridium and scientifically that makes no sense.


    And did you try using Frame ? This is not the same thing as using BC-Quarry ... it's pretty hard to build.

    Still waiting for Redpower to be available for minecraft 1.3.2 then I will try it :). Even if it's hard to build it should need some good amount of energy. An onboard nuclear reactor would be nice :D


    IC pump did the same if you take the time to create a "pipe" by putting yourself Lave sources ... and IC² pump provide 10 000 EU more in your geogen than Lava brought by Pipes/Cells (unless this cells are filled with the IC² pumps, placed on a side of your Geogen ^^)

    OK, i did not know that, tought it's limited to 9x9 area.


    Try to use Railcraft for automation. Minecarts are much cooler than Pipes.

    Haven't looked at this mod yet but sounds nice :p. I'll give it a try

    I have a proposal for new machines
    The disassembler: simply disassembles items back into the parts that it was made of. The energy needed (or if it is possible at all) for disassembly depends on the complexity (tier) of the item.

    Btw. I like how you try to balance stuff and nerfed the Massfab. However your mod is only really playable when using another mod for automation (especially matterfab and fusion reactor) like Buildcraft or Redpower... but imho those mods itself have some really OP stuff that should be nerfed in some way.
    Some examples....
    - tranporting items using pipes costs no energy at all, distance does not matter (only sorting costs energy afaik)
    - blockbreaker are easy to make, take no energy, destroy blocks immediately and don't wear off
    - frame quarrys ... I watched some videos about them... pretty impressive. One huge quarry just needs a hand full of solar panels to operate... really?
    - pumps... same like quarrys, could be used to gather huge amounts of lava from the nether and create ressources with centrifuges
    I have not yet used one of these mods as I don't like buildcraft and redpower to is not yet ready for 1.3.2.
    I know it is not really related to GregTech mod as you're not the author of Redpower :p just wanted to mention this balance issues.