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    It's very important, so I'm not necro-posting.

    I'm in 1.5.2 and...

    All I want to say is that the 2.5 is in the true 2.4 ( at least in the log ). So the game... crashes:

    With magic launcher ( only for logs, I tested before without it )

    Same error. MC 1.5.2, IC 1.115 ( I have no problem with other addons )

    I have this crash:

    Please help

    Edit: What a shame!!! I haven't installed BC ^^ ^^ ^^

    The coke oven handler is amazing :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: , I don't need anymore custom recipes. I just put my fruits to get 1.5 buckets of juice and mulch!!! Can't wait to see the forestry machines recipes. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

    Tip: put Coke Oven in the machine list of the thread, many people were wait for a liquid machine recipes.

    When I see a people saying: "add canning recipes" e remember, that there'are something about canning that is important. Sample, buildcraft canning!!! For a example, you put a bucket in one side ( in a liquid handler machine, like tank and RailCraft Liquid Loader ), and get a liquid and the empty bucket ( or no, in the case of a can ).

    Thanks for all

    When I installed with PFF the game crashed, so I deleted the denlib folder from CMR. The game don't crashed, but the .cfg file don't generate. When I re-put the denlib and deleted PFF the game still works, but the CMR still don't works

    OK, so nobody give me a answer. I will not include a ERROR LOG, because I tested WITHOUT PFF AND NOT CRASH, and the addon STILL NOT WORKS. So, this is a non-crash error, please, helpe me. I use a 1.2.5 version that you send to me. She needs an additional file to work???

    PS: I ALSO TRY WITHOUT nothing else than CMR, Industrial, EE2, and Forestry. I NEVER HAD a problem with your PFF, but this add-on...


    -make it possible t add canning recisapes


    -make it possible to add maass fabricator amplifiers
    -make it possible to add "energy items" like rMan, you can usedstone
    -make it possible to add "fuel items" like gunpowder and "fuel items" like biofuel/coalfuel cells
    -make it possible to add selectrolyzer recipes
    Still, great-tastic!

    No more wait man, custom recipes let's you make fuel itens and custom recipes, of course.