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    Ok. I know of 3 bugs that still persist.

    1. No sounds except the "out of power" whoop sound.
    2. Scaffolds aren't climbable.
    3. Jetpacks & Quantum boots don't work in SMP (seems to be fixed using mistaqur's hotfix).

    Hi Alblaka. I've only just started using IndustrialCraft (and mods in general) starting with v1.106. I've watched entire seasons of DireWolf's videos and listening to you guys on the server is what really got me excited about modding. I love hearing the technical stuff and would love to be on a server like that, beta testing things (I love being able to test out new software, regardless of what it is. It's just something I've always enjoyed).

    I was a little disappointed with v1.106, especially because it was my first try at IndustrialCraft and after scouring the forums and bug tracker, I noticed that most of the bugs I'd encountered are apparently fixed. I was excited about the fact that this would be the next release and I'm now checking these forums daily, waiting for an updated release.

    I don't really have an opinion on open sourcing the software as I feel that is a personal decision and not for the greater masses to decide (I am in favor of open source in general with my own programming though and I do prefer open source projects), but I do think that a place to get these bug fixed updates as soon as they're fixed is important. Even if they are only test versions, for people who know what they are doing (which I like to think of myself as someone who has at least enough knowledge to know when an issue is my own screw up), it would be nice to have the option.

    I like the way Forge is set up with Jenkins and how they have recommended and development versions. I also like the way Bukkit uses GitHub and Jenkins to distribute they're software and that they also allow "Pull Requests" so people can help fix the bugs themselves and eventually get them included in the code. I'm heavily into using development tools like those to help keep the load down on the projects I work on and I can honestly say they have saved me a lot of stress in the long run keeping people up-to-date with various projects. Using a Jenkins style set up also helps with the PR side of things by allowing users to keep track of what's happening with the project as things are implemented, rather than waiting for a PR person to announce something. I also think it helps keep people interested in the project if they know, for sure, that development is still moving at a steady pace.

    Learning Jenkins and an automated build system was a bit daunting for me but once I worked it out and we got something set up, it helps immensely. Whatever you decide though, I hope this project continues moving forward and gets updated regularly. After playing with the mod, I can say that there is nothing else quite like this available to the Minecraft community and with that, I will continue to support the mod however I can.

    I also thank you and the team for volunteering your time to work on things like this as it furthers the gaming and Minecraft community. One last thing is to the people who come across as thinking they deserve this mod because they use it... Remember that the developers are not getting paid for their work and they do it because they enjoy it. As a volunteer developer on some projects myself, it can de-motivate you when people don't seem to appreciate your work when it works but then expect you to drop everything to work on it when something goes wrong. What I'm trying to say is support the project because you use it and try to help further discussion and debate on these topics rather than trying to derail them when you're not happy with something.