[1.3.2] Open Beta v1.107

  • Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/861751…alcraft-2_1.107.46-lf.jar
    Fixed API (from older build, nothing changed): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/861751…aft-2-api_1.107.30-lf.zip
    Requires latest Forge!
    Requires latest Forge!
    Requires latest Forge!

    Post bugs and questions specific to this test build here. Please don't post them in the forums, helps us organize.


  • Hey, just tested some of the listed stuff:

    Forge .298

    -Enet Ghosts = fixed, also the 30 seconds explosions

    -CF-Sprayers fixed, crafting seems normal, normal foam usage while using

    -Zero fall damage while wearing rubber/quantum boots

    -full jetpacks from NEI/Creative menu

    -Scrapboxes and dynamite get used/lit when fired from dispenser fixed. HAYO!

    -Mininglaser is no longer a valid fuel (tested in normal and iron furnace as well as BC stirling engine)

    -geogens dont accept liquids like applejuice/crushed ice

    -NEI Energylevel on tools works fine.

    awesome build RichardG :)

    keep it up

    edit* now testing on server

    One thing i noticed with the build is that our server has now ~15% CPU usage with this build, one chunkloader is on the server. with v1.106 we have ~6% CPU usage. No idea why. just as a note :)

    TrinityCraft Server, Whitelist.

    Ic2/BC3/Forestry Railcraft/Logistics Pipes/Nuclear Control and more!

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  • Terraformer behaves really strange. I thought, that it would create blocks more-or-less randomly
    Red waypoint is where terraformer is.
    In 106 terraformer sometimes ignores random spaces

    The other thing is, when I supplied it with 4x 512 EU\t - machine stopped working and I had to remove and to place it again.
    Another stuff -

    1st, black lines - what the heck with this pattern? isn't it random generating?
    2nd, red - Is this range okay? I think, it is significantly larger, than it was..
    edit: range isn't okay -

    GENERALLY - terraformer behaves totally random.
    SUGGESTION - give terraformer a gui, where working range and working height are configurable

  • How latest is latest? :P

    I'm currently stuck on 263 due to mystcraft, is that useable?

    Edit: Apparently not.

    Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: it.<init>(Lrj;III)V
    at ic2.common.IC2Loot.<clinit>(IC2Loot.java:7)

  • Found a treetap in the Bonus chest :D Generated 5 worlds and only 1 of them included IC2 items in the loot chest

    TrinityCraft Server, Whitelist.

    Ic2/BC3/Forestry Railcraft/Logistics Pipes/Nuclear Control and more!

  • I'd like to report my Ghost E-Net is gone as well, I can break my machine supply cables and the MFE's energy stores start immediately decreasing from the Induc Furnace. Thanks for the updates guys, now I can go back to terraforming and mining without worring about server stop/starting everytime I move the cables.

  • Ok. I know of 3 bugs that still persist.

    1. No sounds except the "out of power" whoop sound.
    2. Scaffolds aren't climbable.
    3. Jetpacks & Quantum boots don't work in SMP (seems to be fixed using mistaqur's hotfix).

  • I can confirm that the redstone interaction of EU storage blocks is not working (ie. my MFSU is not emiting redstone signal when full as I configured it)

  • I can't now shift-click half-stacks of a material in the Induction furnace to split up into both slots, they go in the first slot :(

    Fusion Power Engineering Industries® Making Fusion™ Automation Chamber© is DONE!!!!!!!! HAYO!!!

    Hint: Click the Automation Chamber text to see how it looks :D

  • RichardG can you include the quantum/jetpackfix/scaffold in 1.107 release? would be nice cause its annoying as hell to help all members to install the fix >_>

    Anyway, tested around with the beta release, server works fine now, normal CPU usage, no idea why it was so high yesterday. no appearance of ghost-net , i just noticed one thing, i think the refill of the sprayer is still too low, in 1.97 i was able to refill the sprayer by surrounding it with 8 pellets in the crafting table, in 1.106/107 its only half full, yesterday it looked normally... maybe i was sleeping already xD

    TrinityCraft Server, Whitelist.

    Ic2/BC3/Forestry Railcraft/Logistics Pipes/Nuclear Control and more!