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    Actually, while you're reading things on this thread, GregT, could you consider the idea of inserting water into the fusion reactor, with an initial by-product of oxygen? Which you could use for something, perhaps even my air tank idea for breathing under water :D

    Note that i would remove that barrier, if Kakermix would really ask me personally for the inclusion.

    But if he makes a hack around it, instead of just asking for it, then he will get some much more serious Problems as which Sengir caused with his Bee-Bombs.

    Ah, you're having those sort of problems? I've seen this sort of thing happen over texture packs etc. before. It's annoying when people just use things without asking first, especially when it means that the thing they used then has to be removed meaning that it cannot be used easily with the thing that it had been put into without permission.

    Greg specifically made it so Technic couldn't use it, and why the hell would he want his stuff in that pack?

    Ah, kk. But, why do you say it as if Tekkit and Technic are bad mod packs? They are some of the most fun mod packs I've ever used, admittedly slow to update and sometimes lacks in a feeling that all the mods are working together, but that is just the slight curse that mod compilations must bear in order to provide simple mod packs for those that want to play either single player Minecraft without the hassle of manual mod installation or multiplayer with many others that are using the same mods.

    Thanks Fallen Dead, and yeah, I guessed it would have already been suggested, but I still think it is a feasible idea to incorporate into Industrial Craft, and the reason I particularly ignored the existence of other mods is because Inudstrial Craft is incorporated into Tekkit and Technic, so it is more likely to (should it be added to IC) in turn be incorporated into Tekkit and Technic.


    Also, could I ask as to reasons for its rejection other than "it's already in another mod"? Just out of curiosity more than anything.

    EDIT II:

    I'm not sure why GregTech's Addon hasn't been incorporated into Tekkit/Technic though, it seems to be an awesome sounding mod.

    I have an idea to improve the nuclear power mechanics of this mod,

    Rather than just Nuclear Fission, in the form of a nuclear reactor (which has brilliant game mechanics unto itself), I suggest the introduction of Nuclear Fusion as a truly end-game power source, with the introduction of components like electromagnets etc. (to be used in the construction of the Fusion Reactor block(s)) which require valuable items to create, such as many advanced circuits and energy crystals.

    On start-up of powering this reactor, the energy produced could be exponential, i.e. initially it is similar to a reasonably well designed fission reactor, but then over a period of say 30-40 seconds it increases in energy production to being much more energy productive than any fission reactor. The reason for this will become apparent later in the post.

    To power this reactor, rather than entering uranium, water and ice blocks (buckets of water, blocks of ice) could be used, and in return there could be an output of buckets where water is used, and (lending itself to another idea (air tanks)) oxygen for both ice and water. This Oxygen could then be allowed to dissipate or be used to fill (charge) air tanks which while filled (charged) allow the wearer the ability to breathe underwater.

    Cooling solutions could be implemented similarly to the way it is done with the fission reactors, but another mechanic I thought of, to allow for improvements in efficiency, are the introduction of super-conductors (providing improved energy production at the cost of needing increased cooling to prevent damage), the introduction of lasers, which increase the speed at which the fusion reactor comes to full energy production. These and any other improvement items could be introduced to reactors similarly to how machines such as the Macerator takes upgrades. Or perhaps they could be added as full blocks that must adjoin the reactor.

    What do you guys think?