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    This bug was also mentioned on the previous page by shadoskill, but no-one addressed it. I'm also having it. No ID troubles, just "Wrong return type in function".
    Complete error log below.

    Output faces have been triple checked. Power flows out the MFSU as whatever-voltage-it-wants. It goes into the High Voltage end of the MV Transformer. From there, the MV Transformer takes it to the HV end of the LV Transformer. From there to the wires.

    I'm really not concerned about the reactor blowing up all that much. I've put in an off switch, but more importantly this is a Mark I that I've run for a pretty long time as a test. Besides, that's something I know how to improve, I'm completely at a loss with this wiring.

    So I'm attempting to construct a plant that will process everything I'm going to be collecting from a series of quarrys. Iron, Uranium, anything the quarries could throw at me, this building can handle. Or at least, has the pipes and the machinery to handle. It lacks power. To that end I installed a solar roof and put two small nuclear reactors in the basement. The images below show my power setup from the nuclear plant to the machines. And it is failing. Badly. SO badly.

    I'm using the latest versions of IC, BC, and Red Power, as well as the IC-BC Crossover Mod. I don't have any of the Red Power machines, as it conflicted with Twilight Forest.

    First Image

    The foreground wire is taking 4 EU/tick, which is all the MV Transformer is outputting. Under the obsidian is a Mark I nuclear reactor connected to an MFSU. It's power output is approximately 70 EU/tick. Not great, but it should be able to do this, and it isn't. No other wire is taking any power. The other two sets of wires to the side are a second nuclear reactor and a series of solar panels, but I think if I can figure out what's going on in this little subset it will explain what's going wrong with the whole project.

    Second Image

    Here's the transformer in the back. No power. You'll note that it and the transformer to the left are actually connected (as we're about to see). But the output is facing up in both cases. It was either that or power 8 machines off of one LV current, as far as I know.
    Third Image

    And this is the conclusion. There's zero power in this portion of the machinery. The detector wire runs under 4 macerators, which are also connected to that other transformer we saw in the same way. It's also powering 8 small electrical engines from the IC-BC Crossover Mod.

    What I'm trying to figure out is why there's so much power potentially available, but the wires aren't using any, and neither are the machines.