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    It all depends on what you set your priorities to, so a cool arrangement for one use case might be completely garbage for another.
    I'd say just do whatever is most fun for you to do and do what you need.
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    Main train station, showing added signals, and two trains. The steam locomotive (yellow, background) is waiting for the electric locomotive (red, foreground), which I've locked in place for this image.

    Above ground ore depot for lithium. Note water…
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    Most of these screenshots I took with a Vive using Vivecraft, so they're renders from the right eye, and sometimes have some odd masking stuff going on at the borders.

    This is GT5U stuff, with almost all automation done with Magneticraft conveyor belts…
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    Hello :D

    I was trying to get into the biogas and nuclear reactor topic. When i noticed the fermenters needed heat and fluid reactors exchange heat, this came into my mind. It creates a whopping 6.5k EU/t (+-), while only using 2 quad uranium cells per…