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    Ha, i have never thought about it, but yeah it's exactly the same :D

    I loved those inspiring quotes:

    Weaponizing demons, for a brighter tomorrow.
    The road to Hell is paved - with Argent energy.
    Opening the gates of Hell with the key to the future.

    A cyberdeamon would fit nicely into the spirit of this mod :D

    would take 5 million seconds (2 months IRL) to generate one block of Obsidian.

    Oh my GOD :Advanced Furnace: (thats not an advanced furnance, that's my face)
    Well... I guess, my UUM lab will be used only for iridium and stone. If' i'll ever ever need stone.
    :Tin Can::Tin Can::Tin Can:
    Do any of you, use it for anything else? I mean UUM lab could be a nice part of the game

    So in theory there is an obsidian UUM recipe, but in practice you cant craft it with UUM, thats why I started this thread, I wish that UUM recipes were more usable.

    I like scanning various items and I had some mixed results, for example

    A chicken Egg 100mB cost almost as much as a single piece of iridiu
    1 Block of wool 388 mB, my theory that minecraft bed is actually a time machine - confirmed.
    1 Sugar Cane 1.9 B :Matter:
    1 bundle of wheat 6.7B i'm afraid to scan a loaf of bread, that should be at least 3 times more expensive
    A slice of mellon cost 8.7B :Matter:
    A baked potato 16.6B :!:

    I guess i fail to realize what is really valuable in this world and fail to admire those things.

    :Tin Can::Tin Can::Tin Can:

    With all due respect, I think that those prices makes UUM only viable for materializing only a few certain items or blocks, and price adjustment would make UUM equipment more useful.

    Hi, engineers, I used to lurk forums back day, and it was really interesting, and right now the forums are quite silent, so maybe a word about something? :)
    Do you still play IC? I recently started over with pure IC and craft guide to see what's up, and I can tell that SiriusKing has made a fantastic job, everything nos makes so much sense, for example: the old machine block, i really had no idea what part of each machine it were, imagined it as a block full of gears :) and now this block is called machine casing, so it is what it is :D all that compressed plates and stuff. Also posted few bugs, I found, to the old bugtracker (should i still use it?).
    So could you share few words about your experiences or thoughts?

    it would be quite hard to make a generator with SU battery that actually needs battery to make a battery for a caning machine to work, and personaly i use SU batteries quite often in the begining it is fast power supply, i usually build macerator then some SU's, batbox, gen and extractor, sometimes i take a stack of them to mines when i dont have a bat-pack :) but the recipe isn't shapeless anymore so i cant craft some batteries in cave

    your reactor is something most advanced thing i saw on these forums (since i been lurking for a while) those gauges, crane, buildings from real blueprint, and train driven uranium input. You sir deserve a medal. My RP BASIC computer controlled 2 core reactor is nothing in comparison to yours. by the way 1.2.5 is alright i don't see anything you miss in new versions what could influence your reactor design, so you can stay with 1.2.5 and keep your good work up.
    thanks for sharing this i always admired how reactors worked and you made it 1:1 :thumbup:

    got spambot about how to keep your cats cool, in general discusion, reported,
    maybe you can leave that 1 post about cats? please? :rolleyes:
    yup, that's the same bot which exploded, also its add links are randomly in text :D

    well regarding result of volume 2 there might be something like waste, something what doesn't mix or stuff so we only have 2 bronze dust, also maybe bronze dust is heavier or bigger (disregarding to sprite size aspect) so volume may still be 4 but only 2 usable bronze dusts. Your idea requires a new ore/item chrome but do we want a new item for only 1 recipe, it is like tungsten in RP it is useless, you want to keep it and throw into pit of lava in 1 thought.

    1.4 is not even out yet, and you are doing a full update of IC² to it right now, without making any future 1.3-Content possible, by just deleting any workspace of it? Most of us are still waiting for Redpower, do you think we need a 1.4-Update anytime soon???

    P.S. I will add such Painterrecipe to my Addon.

    And some of us plays IC purely, so why keep holding it, you can use old version anyway.

    It doesn't need to have something visible it could be like in that... Magicraft..or smth when you purify crystals they pollutes environment (aura) so bat thins starts to happen to avoid it i usually build those filters which forms chimney like structures so power plants could become nice with filters on top, my idea in this post that it is quite possible without heavy changes just add pollution level var to every chunk, trees could reduce it (if not too high cause the pollution can kill even trees and hurt player) so for ex nuclear explosion could set that var really high, you wouldn't even need radiation it just be high pollution and while you are in chunk you are getting poison and stuff.. So go someone start making addon while ic team decides this idea.

    I don't use forestry, and i don't want to have Advanced aloy cheaper and breaking the balance of IC itself due to another mod. is there a problem ignoring 'ineficient' recipe?

    well we got quite an economy going on our server based on these coins, so stacks could be usefull, yep recently been looking over to Gregs' side for stuff :D but it is :Nano-Helmet: (dark) :D

    While i was reading the second Alb~ post (this one)

    that music kicked in my head That dramatic music and that is a nice IC story i remember, so get back to topic i played ic alone, then with few friends. And we like don't complain and stuff, fuck us right? I mean, I never had a real issue to complain even with death- threatening JP's it was nice additional danger or just had look for water to land in case i flew too high, and personally i like IC the way it is now, and development, as official assohole told is quite nicely blogged/responded on forums opposed to RP/BTW.I just lost my idea why i am posting, don't worry be hippie (insert solar-flower there).
    PS None of my nukes exploded or world was destroyed because of bugs.

    Pardon me it was Certified not Official :D