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    Rename the Steam Turbine (blades) to Turbine blades, as it seems illogical to put a Steam Turbine (item) in a Steam Turbine (block). This was suggested by Su5eD, but due to a small mishap with threads merging, I write it down here instead.

    Isn't there already a "steam turbine blade" item? That you use three of to get the "steam turbine" (item)? Renaming it to "turbine blades" would re-target the confusion instead of eliminating it. I think Su5eD also mentioned "turbine rotor" as a possibility, which would better alleviate the confusion, or perhaps the block could be renamed instead.

    That must have been it, forgot what Su5ed suggested before I edited his post here. Fixed it now.

    I bred some oil berries, but the cropnalyzer shows they only go up to size 3, though in GT5 they went up to size 4, and there are textures for 4 growth stages in the latest ic2 build (#220).

    Okay, I've come up with a somewhat different strategy for crop breeding that makes the seed scanning machine less urgent, but now I'm realizing the configurable custom crops from your "Useful Crops" addon would be attractive (so I can add some crops for resources used by other mods). Any chance of an update for that, or do you plan to add a similar feature to core IC2?

    I'm guessing that right now they have "busy porting the mod to a newer version of Minecraft" as a decent excuse to postpone considering this. I realize we have no way to force them, but I'd be happy if they did open-source the mod after that, or at least post an official explanation of why they refuse (I've been unsuccessful at finding such an explanation previously posted).

    Fair enough, but I made myself a small utility program to check random weights for crop breeding, and apparently the ender blossom crop is currently unreachable.

    Since you say "for now", that implies you plan to eventually add the others. There are some I'm curious about, though:

    1. Oilberries - afaik, there is no simple "oil" in IC2, so how will this crop work? or did you grab the textures for this by mistake and they won't really be implemented?

    2. Argentia, Coppon, Plumbilia, Tine - these are redundant now, so I'm somewhat confused that you added the textures for them.

    3. GT 5.09 crops - many of them involve materials that don't exist in IC2 (e.g. zinc, nickel, thorium), but what about the few that do involve materials provided by IC2 or vanilla Minecraft (e.g. glowstone, nether quartz, uranium, nether star, iridium)? is there any chance you'd be willing to add some of those?

    BTW, apparently withereed was a bad example for a "resource crop" (I play in peaceful, so I had forgotten about wither skeletons sometimes dropping coal, but I guess that's where the crop gets its name from)

    It works without IC2, and also vanilla, IC2 is the trouble maker. About the RAM, I already gave 2 gigs to the server but the problem was still happening.

    Are you sure you really gave the server 2 gigabytes? You might have intended to, but the log you included indicates it had quite a bit less than that:

    Memory: 103268688 bytes (98 MB) / 259522560 bytes (247 MB) up to 259522560 bytes (247 MB)

    JVM Flags: 0 total;

    Okay, here's another oddity (which might be deliberate, not sure): often (though not always) when I use a weeding trowel to remove a weed from a crossbreeding spot, it goes back to being crossed crop sticks, instead of requiring me to place the extra crop sticks again (as it did back in 1.7.10). In the builds that still had the 3d-effect crop sticks, I could see ahead of time that the weed hadn't displaced the crossbreeding sticks.

    Does disabling crops increase the chances of mutations while crossbreeding, or will they simply not spawn?

    It just removes them from the choices for crossbreeding, and if I understand the random weighting correctly, that will also slightly reduce the chance of getting a mutation. I can see how one might think "oh, I'll plant some instances of the parent crop, then disable it so I only get mutations from the crossbreeding spots", but I tried that in a test world, and the parent crops weren't just invisible, the crop sticks went empty (I could tell because they were still empty after I re-enabled the parent crop).

    Edit: on the other hand, until is fixed, I'm not sure how much it would help to be able to tweak the chances of mutations anyway.

    Something else I noticed: rose and reed do not have seeds listed in JEI, even though I have not disabled them via config.

    Possible bug: in IC2 build 206, I am not able to place crop sticks on farmland I'm standing on. In build 180, this was possible.

    Side note: the 3-dimensional crop sticks done with blockstate/model json files seem to have been removed, which I don't mind, since I use high-resolution texture packs, and it looks better without them.

    There was at one point a small addon that just added some crops that provided items that would normally be dropped by mobs (both passive and hostile), until those crops were migrated into GregTech. However, both GT5u and GT6 are pretty much only available for MC 1.7.10, and GTCE has detached from IC2, so I'm fairly sure it doesn't include those crops. It would be nice to have them available for newer versions of Minecraft, whether as part of IC2 or as an addon.

    Okay, question:

    Are the new bonuses limited to vanilla and traverse biomes, or would BoP or even Biome Bundle biomes potentially benefit?

    Old bug:

    Negative modifiers to the nutrient bonus based on biome dictionary entries aren't applied, because the code only looks for the maximum modifier. There are also some biomeDictionary-based modifiers for humidity now that don't seem to actually be used.

    I have a question about oil drilling: is it supposed to start at the same rate in all chunks of each 6x6 chunk "oil source" area? makes it seem like that's the intended behavior, but with an oil drilling rig centered at x=69 z=2, I got light oil at 19 L/cycle, then I rebuilt it at x=55 z=2, I got light oil at 13 L/cycle. However, I don't know whether I'm misinterpreting the wiki, the wiki is out of date, or if that's a bug.

    Debug screen shows it as "ic2:resource" and "type: reinforced_stone", but I got it to work by passing "ic2:resource 11" (without quotes) to the /fill command (despite the wiki saying that only Bedrock Edition accepts numeric tileData for the command).