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    In 1.7.10 it would be NEI (Not Enough Items) rather than JEI, but that mod is missing from the list, even though CodeChickenCore is there. Since it also does not seem to include CraftTweaker or MineTweaker, I am guessing you assembled those mods yourself rather than downloading a pre-assembled modpack, so I would suggest adding NEI so you can look up recipes in-game.

    I didn't catch this before (since I didn't have much interest in actually using the mod), but that should be (IReactorComponent)acceptor.stack.getItem() instead of (IReactorComponent)stack.getItem(), otherwise you're altering the heat on the rod itself (which has no effect). I think you'll also want to use acceptor.x and acceptor.y in the call to alterHeat, otherwise overheating an adjacent component may cause the rod to break instead of the overheated component.

    Also, it seems like you left this in the code for both Coaxium rods and Cesium rods (I hope you don't mind that I peeked with jd-gui). For all I know, maybe you want coaxium rods to heat adjacent components but not directly heat the reactor, but otherwise, you might want to strip out that whole section from the Coaxium rod class.

    Since DreamMasterXXL hasn't responded yet, I will try:

    I've looked at source code for GT5u and this addon, and the large chemical reactor is indirectly supported already - if you add a recipe for the single-block chemical reactor, GT5u will automatically add an LCR recipe as well, with any fluids used directly instead of in cells. However, this doesn't allow for recipes requiring more than 2 non-fluid inputs or more than 3 total inputs, which are supported by the LCR (which if I'm reading the tooltip correctly, can theoretically have up to 14 total input and output hatches/buses, though I imagine more than 6 inputs or outputs could cause problems with displaying the recipe in NEI)

    Why do you want both Advanced Machines and Tech Reborn? I thought TR had more machines, and would make AM mostly redundant. Admittedly, it's probably buggy since iirc the devs didn't spend long on 1.7.10 before updating TR to newer MC versions.

    The mods are already listed in the log. It looks like Advanced Machines is erroring, but when I tried it with minimal other mods, it didn't crash for me, meaning you probably have an inter-mod conflict causing the ambiguous recipe, which will be a pain to track down. :(

    That matches the in-game behavior, though I'm aware it may be confusing to those accustomed to its EU reactor behavior. It is documented on both https://wiki.industrial-craft.….php?title=Fuel_Rod_(MOX):


    MOX Fuel Rods behave rather more sedately in the fluid reactor, outputting normal efficiency at reactor heat <50% and 2 times normal efficiency for reactor heat >50%.


    It is also mentioned in the tooltips when you select MOX fuel rods from the component palette in the upper right section of the planner. has apparently not been updated to cover fluid reactor usage.

    I'm not sure why you posted this in the IC2 forum, since that is a Buildcraft pump, and as far as I can tell, there are no IC2 blocks in that screenshot. However, I will try to help anyway. You need to provide power to the pump, not just the wooden fluid pipe attached to it, and the pump will auto-output to any fluid pipes attached without needing a wooden fluid pipe (I just checked using Buildcraft The pump can technically operate when powered by a redstone engine, but idk whether that will be fast enough to keep up with your arboretum (which as I recall has variable water requirements based on how long it has been since the last rainfall and possibly other factors)

    It's a rather low chance for any given crossbreeding attempt - I usually make at least one 9x9 field with 40 regular reed and 40 cross-crops in a sort of "checkerboard" pattern (water in the center with some sort of slab over it), and even then it can take 3 or 4 passes before I get any stickreed (more regular reed is a lot more common).

    albijoe based on your screenshot, you're using an older build of the IC2 experimental reactor planner. I seem to have neglected to announce it in the planner's forum thread, but in v2.3.1 I added output of Base64-encoded reactor codes (with "erp=" prefix) which are considerably shorter than before, and moved the code field below the reactor grid. Latest build is now v2.3.4.2

    With my current crop breeding strategy, it isn't a big deal whether I can remember the stats of scanned seeds I have planted and are growing, but why require using the cropnalyzer again for that? If the seeds have already been analyzed, it seems to me that Hwyla or TOP should also be allowed to show GGR details of the growing crop.

    After reading the "tongue-in-cheek narrative description of SeedManager", the Seed Library from that mod would be very helpful for my strategy (I'm currently using a YABBA AntiBarrel for temporary seed bag storage), as well as a backpack-type item with extra capacity but limited to holding seeds - since they have a stacksize limit of 1 (and frequently different NBT data, which would prevent them from stacking anyway), generic backpacks from other mods quickly fill up - a diamond backpack with storage emphasis from the Iron Backpacks mod is 77 slots (although I'm using default config, which indicates it is supposed to be 54 slots ?( ), a fully size-upgraded BetterBackpack from the BetterChests mod is 90 slots, and the Wearable Backpacks mod apparently allows configuration up to 102 slots (17x6)

    Edit: sometime after this post, I realized that a Portable Grid from Refined Storage (even with just a 1k storage disk) works well for transporting seeds.

    Are you asking for the ability to fully analyze planted crops, like the GT portable scanner? I think that was discussed in an earlier suggestion thread. If you're talking about how the existing cropnalyzer shows the crop name and discoverer, but the harvested seed bags still show as "unknown seeds" (as if they haven't been scanned at all), I might file that as a bug.