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    1) What should the layout of the reactor's shell be?

    a) How many fluid ports do I need/should I use?

    b) What other parts would I need? (ie. steam generators/ liquid heat exchangers, etc)

    Thank you.

    It has been a long time since I last played Minecraft (or at least the IC2 part of it, I'm a big fan of technical minecraft), so I might not remember things correctly. Anyway, I'll try my best to answer your questions.

    1. Depending on your needs. You can put the access hatch, redstone port, fluid ports wherever you like as long as you can get all the (hot) coolant in/out.

    a) If you just put 1 ejector upgrade inside a single port, 15 is needed.

    b) This is highly flexible. You can use the heat to generate biogas, steam, superheated steam, or directly into EU via the stirling generator. There might be more options that I can't remember but more info is available on the wiki and here. Each one has its own pros and cons, which is up to you to decide.

    Is 90% of this guide just for people to know how you obtained the command rather than explaining the command?

    Well, yes. The main point is to get the id of the seed, which I haven't yet found an online source. As far as I have seen the owner tag is always ic2, probably due to the fact that I am playing "vanilla" IC2. The rest of the stats can be edited according to your own will.

    The command includes all the NBT data needed for a valid seedbag, because if you don't include all the NBT tags needed, the ones that you don't include will be set to default, giving an invalid seedbag. It is a whole another story about the NBT stuff. If you want to get into it, there are info on the Minecraft Wiki. There is just too much to fit in a single post while trying to explain everything.

    Things needed:



    1. Enable cheat mode in JEI

    2. Clear your inventory

    3. Grab the type of seedbag you need and put it into your inventory

    4. Save your world

    5. Open NBTExplorer

    6. Open your save file in NBTExplorer

    7. Find and open your playerdata file

    8. Find Inventory and open the tag part. This is what you need for your command.

    9. Plug the things into the command:

    /give @p ic2:crop_seed_bag 1 0 {growth:x,gain:x,resistance:x,id:x,owner:ic2,scan:x}

    In this case it is /give @p ic2:crop_seed_bag 1 0 {growth:1,gain:1,resistance:1,id:cyprium,owner:ic2,scan:4}. Of course you can change the stats.

    By setting scan to 4 you won't need to scan it again.

    Is there really anything wrong with Jenkins? Weirdly enough I haven't seen any activity on both Jenkins and the bug tracker for nearly half a month as of now. Is it because Jenkins is unaccessible as Greg said, or is it simply because the devs don't have time to work on IC2? I'm really curious.

    I don't think te blocks work properly in commands and structure blocks at all. I remember that I filed a bug report about this in Feb. 2018, but I can't find the bug report now. (maybe 2325 and 2335 as they are the missing ones in that period of time) My screenshots were still there though.

    So you mean that the upgrades don't drop when machines are picked up? This helps a lot especially when moving machines.

    But whenever you want to add a machine, you have to first turn the power off, because otherwise your machine explodes. :Nuke TNT:

    You don't have to turn all machines off, you just have to break the cable(s) that will connect to the machine when you place the machine and connect the cable again afterwards. You can also use a big amperage at low voltage, which is what I did in my old survival world. I've managed to get ~15k EU/t by connecting a lot of transformers to MFSU.

    And whenever I build a fluid reactor it starts overheating and I turn it off and go look for the part of the pipeline where I forgot the fluid ejector upgrade. :Empty Cell:

    There are steam designs that don't require a big pipeline and there are already fluid pipes in IC2 now.

    I've managed to improve the efficiency of Blackpalt's 6 chamber 43 rod design by 0.14 with more use of dual rods. I decided to put it here as it is easier for those that need this type of reactor design to find this thread via searching.

    405 EU/t, Eff. 1.88, 43 rods


    I meant that the process of turning something into lava should maybe remove some heat from the reactor

    Reactors have been made not being affected to outside environment (at least that's what I believe). And, this is like an outside vent, a random one that doesn't need much materials.

    although I currently see no way to keep a reactor powered at 85% because whatever block you put the redstone on melts.

    You can power the reactor through a repeater and a block, and use a cobble generator to constantly replace the block once it melts, or you can use the configurable redstone behavior of EU storage blocks, plus some redstone and wiring. I mentioned before that te blocks don't get affected.

    I mean it could remove the lava's worth in HU at least

    Why do you want that? You want to remove the only way to get basalt (besides replication) as of now?

    and not turn flowing lava into source blocks

    That sounds reasonable.

    so at least a dormant reactor can't be an infinite lava source.

    A heated dormant reactor can turn every single block (except air and te blocks) to lava. It is an infinite lava source anyways, it just depends on what blocks you want it to turn into lava.

    I don't think that the infinite lava is OP, and as far as I know this isn't even considered a bug. I had already considered utilizing this to produce EU, but I found it is much more productive utilizing the reactor to produce EU, running on replicated fuel rods.

    A large amount of lava is required only at early-mid game, but a reactor needs a lot of Lead, making it difficult to craft during that period. However, there are plenty of lava in the nether and they're easily accessible via a pump, which needs much less materials. Although the lava amount in nether is finite, but how can you use up all of it?

    In my opinion, creating lava with the reactor is a great idea, offering a completely automatic way to create renewable lava, basalt, and obsidian, while still needing some infrastructure. What I have thought was to use a cobble generator, with a bunch of dispensers , observers, and fluid cells to collect the lava, which needs some material investment. Creating lava simply through machine simplifies things too much. Considering that lava isn't needed that much in late-game (unless you're making a portal pigman farm), I am against the idea of a lava-creating machine and keep things as-is.

    Original texture

    The texture of the bronze tank is pretty strange, especially the middle rectangle-shaped thing, right? I thought that it looks better if the textures are more similar, so I slightly edited the texture to make it look something like . I would like to see this texture getting implemented.

    Isn't that better?

    automated fluid reactor - 1.12.2 -

    First of all here is the reactor layout that I use and some statistics by the reactor planner:

    Mark V pulsed reactor, operating on a 5-sec on 2-sec off pulse with an average efficiency of 40



    So... After about 5 months of building and testing (The oldest backup I could find dates back to early March this year), I think the automation is reliable enough, at least that was what I thought, for me to finally release this build, which is literally a redstone mess.

    In this build, I had automated the warmup process, fuel rod replacement and recycling, and optional fuel rod crafting completely only with IC2 and vanilla Minecraft. The principle of the automation of warming up is quite simple: by removing the vents and putting them in after the reactor is warm enough through redstone control, the reactor can automatically warm up and run at above 50% heat even after it is turned off. As the reactor itself is almost undetectable without other mods, things can still be detected through redstone circuits that controlled the reactor. I'm not going to go through how other things work because they should be able to be easily understood by just looking at them in the world.

    The reactor and automation circuits are built within a single chunk, but redstone related with the reactor control room (which are built in cyan concrete) and part of the redstone controlling the crafting system extends into another 3 chunks as I don't think not loading these will cause problem. I haven't tested what will happen if only the reactor chunk is loaded yet. Therefore the chunk loader within it is set to load all the 4 chunks. Slimestone is used in some parts when wiring is too difficult or I'm just too lazy to do the wiring. These can be replaced with redstone dusts. Also there are a chest with low durability rods at -1, 31, -1 if you want to watch how the fuel rod automation works. Remember to middle-click them :-)

    There are still some problems I found out but I have no solution. Any help to solving the following problems is greatly appreciated.

    1.Occasionally there was an extra pulse in the main clock that controls pulsing. I haven't figured out the exact cause of this yet. Although this won't cause the reactor to explode, sometimes the reactor will cool down because of this extra pulse, causing the efficiency to severely decrease.

    2.Chunk unloading and reloading causes issues. When the chunk that has the reactor is reloaded (player entering the area, F3+A seems to have no effect), the clock will de-sync with the reactor, causing it to eventually cool down. There is a rare chance that this will cause the reactor to explode. In theory enabling the chunk loader should be a way to solve this issue.

    3.Vents occasionally mysteriously disappear or reappear. Although it is designed to only turn on the reactor when all vents are extracted from the reactor, there is still a chance that the reactor continues to be on when there is a missing vent, which will break the heat balance and make the reactor explode. The only chance of this happening I found out is that the vent(s) get stuck inside the droppers which are responsible of putting the vent(s) back into the reactor at the proper time.

    Apologies again for the redstone mess.