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  • You need to have the appropriate number of exchangers for the HU output of your reactor.

    I think one Heat Exchanger can handle 100HU/t when fully loaded with coils.
  • Reactors suck in the current version.

    You should detect when something is wrong and have an auto-shutdown.
    Luckily a fluid reactor generally won't explode. (It may instantly explode upon reassembly if you don't add plating, however)

    I think we would…
  • Shirolol

    Replied to the thread Centrifuge Power Requirements.
    (Quote from Doctor Weird)

    To be fair I was always annoyed that Thermal Centrifuges do not have a heat input, but they simply didn't last I checked.
  • Shirolol

    Replied to the thread Cable limits.
    Every EU packet loses some power per unit of distance traveled through a cable.
    In an MFSU that sends energy through a glass fiber cable this is not a problem, but if you have a huge number of solar panels connected via HV cables, you will not get any…
  • Shirolol

    Replied to the thread Centrifuge Power Requirements.
    Wait does the Thermal centrifuge accept heat from heat generators now?

    It used to run entirely on EU and take ages to warm up.

    I assume you are not sending that power through very bad wiring?

    Because if you send 140EU/t from 7 batboxes through…