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    I did some maths and the reality is: powerful reactors are completely worthless.

    The most powerful fluid reactor I could come up(26880HU/s) with is only 133% as powerful as my Melon Power Plant(20480HU/s) while costing several times as much. It's also not more compact.

    Granted, the melon power plant costs a lot more tin to build, but in total material value that doesn't matter because replicator is a thing.

    As long as the reactor components remain excessively overpriced, nuclear power plants will never be worth it and the only use for uranium that makes sense is a lot of very inefficient reactors for plutonium production.

    This also makes lead a lot less useful, because a low-efficiency fluid reactor is a lot worse than a low-efficiency EU reactor.

    Is there some big game changer I'm missing or is Uranium really just for depleting ASAP?

    Ok, so I wanted to craft some bronze dust, but the ic2 bronze is not in nei. There's only Thermal Foundation bronze dust. Even though it says it accepts any "dustCopper" and "dustTin", the ic2 crushed copper and tin do not seem to be identified as such. What can I do about this?

    Crushed ore is not a valid metal dust.

    If you wanna use crushed ore to make an alloy dust, you have to smelt it and then macerate it again.

    If in the modpack you play metal dusts obtained this way can not be used to make bronze powder, then the modpack creator isn't very good at what he does.

    Since every modpack has TiC anyway, you can use a TiC smeltery to make alloys.

    A friend invited me to play the Direwolf pack and in there I have a power plant that uses fluiducts and a Steam turbine.

    The Power plant normally generates exactly 512+256EU/t, which is HV. Of course, since Steam turbines can be random sometimes I did arm it to accept EV spikes.

    The Fluiducts we use can transfer 600mB of superheated steam every tick, which should be at most 600EU packets, so far away from the 2048EU limit the power plant can tolerate

    HOWEVER, often I go back to my power plant and find that the HV cables on the kinetic generators and once even the HV transformer were destroyed, which can only mean there was a IV spike.

    Now it seems that Steam turbines have an internal buffer of steam that is WAY TOO LARGE as it seems to accept enough steam to emit a packet that goes beyond even IV.

    By all means it should be 100% impossible for this setup to emit IV packets. It emits 512EU packets on average and beyond 600 should be physically impossible due to the way Fluiducts work.

    Does anyone have an idea what is happening?

    And since Direwolf uses industrialcraft-2-2.8.111-ex112, is this maybe a problem that was eventually fixed?

    Large veins, easily found by walking around the surface and picking up or inspecting rocks with a magnifying glass. When they say they bear some more, dig down to find it. You can also right click with a hammer to prospect, but I've never found it useful. Hostile mobs don't spawn within some distance of world spawn.

    Ah, okay. So next playthrough I won't pick rocks until I can mark ore sources with a sign.

    Hammer prospecting is useful, but nowhere near as powerful as Terrafirmacraft prospecting, it just seems to tell you there's ore within like 5 blocks and the presence of rock salt kinda breaks it.

    But genuinely how was I to know that? It's not even mentioned in the tool index, which is already barely obtainable in the game as far as I can tell.

    Sure, I could check the wiki, but this is something you don't find if you don't know it exists and GT6 is huge compared to IC2 where you can read the wiki rather comprehensively. How do you primarily learn this stuff in GT6?

    You are able to, check the Tooltips. Maybe just try it before relying on NEI.

    The Area around the World Spawn Point is protected against Surface Hostile Mob Spawns. Can be turned off in the Config if needed.

    Yeah. Checked again and saw that. I just didn't expect it to be possible in GT6 and the tooltips are quite big.

    I dunno why the spawn area was chosen to be a safe zone, I guess it kinda makes sense on a server or for people who play on easy and want to learn how things work first, but it's weird that this even happens in Hardcore. Oh well. Can just disable it.

    Though this doesn't seem to affect flat worlds. In my normal world there's nothing hostile far and wide, in the flat world one gets attacked by slimes immediately.

    Still trying to find my way around GregTech earlygame. Didn't expect to be able to just craft nuggets into ingots, somehow.

    But I don't understand how mining works. I think it does the TFC route of very few very large ore veins that you have to find?

    But how do you find the knowledge to find them? In TCF prospecting was a thing.

    Also are hostile mobs not supposed to spawn? I have not seen any.

    Crops will despawn if their growing requirements are not met.

    This can happen when it's too dark, when the crop hasn't been watered(this is separate from farmland turning into wet farmland) and similar.

    It especially happens with high-stat crops, they are hard to keep growing sometimes.

    What are your circumstances?

    Well I just learned something cool that turns minecraft on its head. Apparently all of the coal on the Earth was formed at the same time ( geologically speaking ). 360 million years ago plants figured out how to make lignin which is what makes wood hard. It took fungi 60 million years to figure out how to break lignin down, so for 60 million years, the dead trees just piled up and formed coal. After fungi figured out how to break it down, no more coal formed. So all over the earth, all of the coal is in this one geologic layer. None above or below that. Not scattered all around like in vanilla minecraft.

    Except the earth's crust isn't static and stuff moves around.

    Generally anything in the ground comes in sheets or huge clusters. Default Minecraft doesn't do that for simplicity reasons, but mods like GT or TFC do it.

    And while I don't see at all how that was related to the thread, #TeamTrees

    EDIT: Caveat: Remember planting trees does nothing if they don't get to stay there.

    1. Try using Granite Pickaxe made of Red or Black Granite Rocks.

    2. That is a Forge Bug and it happens in all Modpacks. It annoys the shit out of me too. If you launch a World and get thrown back to the Title Screen instead and then try again then get thrown back again and then try again and launch the world successfully then you have to kill the process afterwards.

    1. But Granite is too hard to be mined with a weaker material, isn't it? How do I get a material strong enough excluding default stone, because that feels like cheating(Since the guide says "Stone if you have absolutely nothing else").

    2. Are you sure? The same 1.7.10 version that I use for GT, I also use for other mods and packs, but while it consistently happens in GT, I do not recall it happening on the others.

    I have no idea what these are but judging this as a reactor setup of some kind, this outputs 2*3*4*4=96Heat per second and you dissipate only up to 20