Nerdgasms, anyone?

  • Okay, so I was bored playing minecraft, looking for an SMP server to play bukkit on. All my attempts failed, and I thought: "shoot; I'm bored and don't know what to do!". I was wandering the mods, and thought of IC^2, and decided "to heck with it, there might be something there. I remember the good old days of IndustrialCraft. Al probably has a beta release out by now!" I looked around, and I saw "IC^2 1.00 release" and I enjoyed it. I installed it and went through the classic get all the metals, get the machines started. I was getting my solar early when I looked up switch cables. I couldn't find them, and I thought: "what the heck? How am I supposed to make this work? Use those expensive MFEs? There'd better be a good reason for this..." I then put 5 cables together and BAM! Nerdgasm.

    Al, you have impressed me time and again, and I have this to say to you:
    On the first day Al made IndustrialCraft, and he got +200 internets (seriously, you work so fast!).
    On the second day, Al updated Industrialcraft with awesome all ways to Thursday, and the entirety of the Minecraft Mod Community saw that it was good.
    On the Third day, Al made Midievalcraft, and made non-bukkit multiplayer good for once.
    On the Fourth day, Al updated IndustrialCraft and MidievalCraft simultaneously, and we all were impressed.
    On the Fifth day, Al made Mine 4 Dead, and it was cool (sadly I got no SMP action...).
    On the Sixth day, Al announced IC^2, and all the boys did all they could to not pee themselves in excitement.
    On the Seventh day, Al said: "I don't need no rest! I can release IC^2 before anyone can blink!"
    And then everyone had fun.

  • this is random...

    Have a nice day! Einen schönen Tag noch! Buona giornata! Passez une bonne journée! 有一個很好的一天!素敵な一日を! Хорошего дня!