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    The title says it all; I love nukes, but when I detonate them, thousands of entities are made and it lags my system out. If they had a 100% block item destroy rate (TNT has a partial chance to destroy blocks, so it's possible), it would help them not lag so much.

    It would also work to make it a configurable setting. The way they work now makes a 5 minute lag area that is inaccessible to players. If this is intentional, then so be it; I still would like the change.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope this is implemented!

    Solving for load (machine) power, cable resistance, and source voltage, it's possible to solve for power draw.

    The voltage breakdown would work as it already does, and there's the potential for a temperature-based breakdown system, albeit with more complexity.

    The voltage can be solved with this formula:

    P = (4*Pl)/(2+sqrt(1-(4*Pl*R/V**2)))


    P is the power expended by the source of current,

    Pl is the power received by the machine,

    R is the resistance of the cables connecting the machine to the source of current,

    and V is the voltage of the system.

    This would allow for the power system in IC^2 to accurately model ideal loads and ideal resistors in series. Of course, this system would put a greater computational drain on the system, but I think it would be insignificant compared to rendering or block updates.

    Wow, I haven't been following this thoroughly enough. I haven't put any effort into this reactor, and it really shows. If I had been at the top of my game, I would have made Grincore's 4.44 efficiency reactor, but I guess that's the deal. In any case, I think that my reactor is not worth mentioning.

    As an aside: I miss nukes. T_T
    I made myself an endgame in IC 1 of creating and detonating 100 nukes, and it was quite satisfying (no TMI, of course). The explosion on a completely filled nuclear reactor is measly in comparison.

    Don't believe me, eh? I don't blame you. I am cheating considerably, as I am using a redstone clock to make this reactor work.

    3:1 clock (1 on pulse to 4 off pulses) connected to a reactor with 6 chambers and a 2x2 uranium setup in the center (or wherever, coincidentally).

    Simple as that! 2x2 square means 2 connections each; 2 connections means 3 pulses each tick, 3 pulses means 30 heat per uranium, that equates to 120 heat/tick when the reactor's on. 120/4 = 30, which is the average heat per tick.

    3x3 cube (wait, I'm starting to doubt this, for it makes it such that only 1 block of water is necessary outside of the reactor chambers...) of water surrounding means 3x3x3 cooling, +6 because of additional cooling due to chambers, -2 due to redstone setup (cobble + redstone above). This all evens out to 31 cooling, and therefore the total heat production is -1.

    This is an easy setup, as it requires few starting materials, and the only tending one has to perform is on uranium, and of course to cut the power when logging in/out, as the redstone can bug, which could cause catastrophic nuclear meltdown.

    One thing I discovered upon cutting down my trees; using the mining laser in conjunction with the chainsaw decreases the requisite time by a ton. I think that the difficulty in cutting down trees is fine, as rubber for wiring has always been something one must devote a lot of time to getting.

    If I am right (to be honest, I have not confirmed), nukes cost 2 raw uranium and 4 processed uranium apiece. Unless there is a way to produce more processed uranium than the starting raw uranium, this punishes processing the uranium. Is this intentional?

    Edit: I have tried to use processed uranium to create a nuke, but there was nothing... Where be the nukes?

    Edit 2: I apologise, this is in the wrong forum. This is supposed to be for IC^2. If a mod would relocate, that would be nice.

    I'm not too clear on the details, but it seems that if the miner goes into the void it discharges the OV or OD scanner in the device. Because it is coded to recharge these, it will use infinite power.

    Tested by mining a bunch of things; I would often get a miner with multiple bedrock and an empty OV device.

    Edit: I apologise, this is in the wrong forum. This is supposed to be in IC^2 bugs. If a mod would relocate, that would be much appreciated.

    Okay, so I was bored playing minecraft, looking for an SMP server to play bukkit on. All my attempts failed, and I thought: "shoot; I'm bored and don't know what to do!". I was wandering the mods, and thought of IC^2, and decided "to heck with it, there might be something there. I remember the good old days of IndustrialCraft. Al probably has a beta release out by now!" I looked around, and I saw "IC^2 1.00 release" and I enjoyed it. I installed it and went through the classic get all the metals, get the machines started. I was getting my solar early when I looked up switch cables. I couldn't find them, and I thought: "what the heck? How am I supposed to make this work? Use those expensive MFEs? There'd better be a good reason for this..." I then put 5 cables together and BAM! Nerdgasm.

    Al, you have impressed me time and again, and I have this to say to you:
    On the first day Al made IndustrialCraft, and he got +200 internets (seriously, you work so fast!).
    On the second day, Al updated Industrialcraft with awesome all ways to Thursday, and the entirety of the Minecraft Mod Community saw that it was good.
    On the Third day, Al made Midievalcraft, and made non-bukkit multiplayer good for once.
    On the Fourth day, Al updated IndustrialCraft and MidievalCraft simultaneously, and we all were impressed.
    On the Fifth day, Al made Mine 4 Dead, and it was cool (sadly I got no SMP action...).
    On the Sixth day, Al announced IC^2, and all the boys did all they could to not pee themselves in excitement.
    On the Seventh day, Al said: "I don't need no rest! I can release IC^2 before anyone can blink!"
    And then everyone had fun.