[Question] Item names for custom recipes

  • I have zombe's modpack installed, and I would like to use the Compressed Plant Ball in a custom smelting recipe. For that however, I need to know the actual item names as they are defined in the game, not just Compressed Plants.

    Does anyone know where I can find an actual list of item names that will work with a custom recipe mod?

    Also, when using a simpler custom recipe, I'm unable to smelt my custom recipe in any of the IC2 furnaces. Is this a zombe mod issue, or an IC2 issue?

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    I was under the impression that the custom recipe mod could only use IDs for mod items until the user set aliases for them. If it can also use pre-translation item names, that's cool. I recently posted a good list of both pre-translation names and their corresponding IDs in this thread. Hope that helps.

    Being unable to smelt custom recipes in IC2 furnaces is most likely an issue with the custom recipe mod, as we hook to the standard FurnaceRecipes list. Does zombe overwrite any base classes that might conflict with Forge?

  • I know it does conflict with the Forge, but he has a patch to fix it. But as far as I can tell, only his fly mod is affected. I will ask tanzanite if anything can be done about it. Guessing it is his custom smelting mod :)

    And thanks for the list :)