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    I looked into it a bit, but I couldn't repeat the issue. Using an MFE hooked directly to MKIII, 36 energy storage, 14 overclocker, and 1 transformer, it consistently received 128EU/t from the MFE. Is there something else drawing power from the MFE, or is the MFE only receiving 36EU/t?

    that was the main reason i was wanting to install this addon, how many fish does it allow you to catch?

    You'll probably average about 5 fish per shot if you fish in the middle of the water, or around 3 from the shore. (It's relative to the number of water blocks in a 9x9 plane around you. No bonus for deeper water, although it will check downward a bit if you're sitting slightly above the water.)

    Not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I can't seem to suck out more then 2048 energy on a parallel MFSU x 8 setup. Should be 4096 now 2048 but it seems to still cap at 2048 with 1 or 16 or 64 overclockers in smp.

    Oh, 2048 is the base energy storage of a Mk 3 charging bench - it's capping out on that each tick. Throw in a storage upgrade and it should be able to take the whole 4096 and then some, if I did my coding right.

    Alright, fixed up using crystals in the input slot. Then I set aside a little more time and implemented upgrade component slots while I was at it. Should be fun to play with. New versions are already in the 'old version' archive, and the top post will be updated as soon as I can work through my suddenly painfully crappy internet to update it. :pinch:

    Thank you for this mod....this was really starting to piss me off. I haven't played IC2 in a while so I kept saying "why do I have machine blocks?"

    There a mod to fix battery packs from breaking? I really dislike the direction this mod is going on tool durability haha.

    Batpacks were never intended to break, but as I remember, we needed to get a Forge hook or some such to prevent it from occasionally happening. I think the fix in the latest release official took care of it for good, though.

    In the op it was said that "
    Summary: A 12-slot work bench that can charge all your tools or batteries at once." Am i miss reading something or is the mod actually supposed to charge everything in the bench one at a time and move on to the next one? or is it supposed to charge everything in the inventory with a even amount of eu?

    The summary's a little misleading now. In the original design, it would try to transfer as much energy as possible each tick, but it respected the max transfer rate of the items inside it. If it couldn't use all its energy on the first item (which is especially common with higher tier charging benches), it would keep moving through its inventory until it had either tried everything or completed the entire transfer. I recently solved a couple of issues by simply removing the transfer limit, so it's completely sequential at the moment, but I plan to reinstate that later and make it work with the new upgrade items instead (described in more detail somewhere above). Anyway, it's more all at once in the sense of dropping all your equipment on the table and walking away to tinker in your factory while they charge, rather than literally splitting the EU evenly. Hope that clears it up. :)

    Hey i have a problem loading the client version of this mod. Every time I start Minecraft i get this error

    if someone could help I would greatly appreciate it.

    Yeah, I picked a kind of popular default ID for the charging benches after my original one got taken up by vanilla - probably should have checked around more before I chose it. A couple of other mods try to claim the same one. What you'll have to do is open up .minecraft/config/IC2ChargingBench.cfg and change the ID (blockChargingBench=189) to something that's not already taken.

    As far as whether the mod is strictly necessary anymore, it certainly isn't. We now have the option of either a small risk of a material loss or a guaranteed extra EU expense, and once we're into tier 2 and keeping our lappack charged, we can move an entire small factory before we have to go back and refill. But I'll just quote the mod's summary:

    Summary: To each his own.

    Enough people want to be able to pick up and move around their stuff willy-nilly, as they do with every other mod's stuff, that it's worth the minor trouble of keeping it up to date. :D

    Well that seemed to work no error on start up and items didn't crash server when made, thanks for the help +1 Internets for you :D

    Whew, glad to hear it. I'll probably be trying to remove the direct references to non-API classes next time I go to make upgrades to the code (beyond updating to a new version) so this kind of thing doesn't happen, it's a real pain to fix on some systems.

    Hmm still didn't seem to fix the issue. I am on linux and I have tried re-downloading the mod and re zipping it my self sadly no fix. :(

    Damn. Might depend on the file system too, I think reiserfs uses some kind of balanced tree, and returns things in a completely arbitrary order. As a last ditch effort, I think you can solve the issue by merging Charging Bench into the IC2 jar. (*fingers crossed*) Not the ideal solution, but it should work.

    When ever I try to install charging bench 1.64-1 i get this error.
    I have tried changing the ids and the gui id nothing seems to work.

    Link to the error log since its 3061 characters over the limit..

    Looks like you might be having the same problem as Surma a little ways back in the thread - Charging Bench is loading before IC2. In Windows, you probably just need to make sure that the Charging Bench zip file comes after IC2's jar file alphabetically. If you're in Linux, I've done a little digging, and I think mods will load from some file systems in the order they were originally written to the disk rather than alphabetically. In those cases, deleting and creating a new copy of Charging Bench will probably bump its load order to the end.


    Any ideas what this could be caused by? Everything works as it is supposed to when I remove Charging Bench. I use IC 1.64.

    Looks like Charging Bench is loading before IC2. I cheated a little bit and extended a non-API IC2 class, so it's picky about that kind of thing. I think you can resolve it in most cases by renaming the Charging Bench zip file to something that comes alphabetically after the IC2 jar file. I've heard that doesn't always work in Linux-ish systems, but I haven't run into that problem myself (probably because all my Minecraft stuff is stored on an NTFS filesystem), so I don't have much experience.