Suggestion: [Worldgen] Meltdown Ruins

  • Hey guys,

    while playing and exploring a bit i thought about the way some mods (or even vanilla minecraft) are forcing you to explore to get iinto high-end stuff like factorization with the logic matrix programmer or thaumcraft and its knowledge fragments. I like the idea of things you can't craft because they're to high-tech or from another world. So here is my Suggestion:


    [Worldgen] Reactor Ruins with Loot

    So What do you think about a rare worldgen (like vanilla temples) of ruins of a reactor which melted down years ago. Doesn't have to be much but a few reinforced stone and glass blocks, maybe some low-tier machines like iron furnaces and a couple chests with loot inside. And i thought about a rare item which you can just get through exploration to achieve the high tier stuff like matter fabricator (maybe an ingredient for advanced machine blocks!?).
    There can be also some radioactive effects in the area around.


    I hope you like the idea. If there was allready such an idea, my searches in this forum doesn't lead me to something similar.

  • I believe this has been suggested to death over and over again. Except for the fact that there'd be radioactivity.

    I don't believe there should be anything only achievable through exploration, and I don't think there should be machines or loot. But a radioactive shell of reinforced stone here and there would be really cool.

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  • IC² worldgen used to be discussed and had been denied ... though it could be discussed again with IC² exp. Industrial Ruins of anykind are definitely cool :D

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • The issue I see with worldgen structures is that they're really really REALLY difficult to get right on varying terrain. For instance, none out of 4 "extra dungeons/structures" mods I have tried managed to produce anything even remotely sensible in a world with BoP enabled (underground structures spawning in treetops) or in worlds created by ATG (what, a slope longer than 5 blocks? Disintegrate the entire structure into a cloud of blocks). And as far as I have been able to see, Ars Magica does not even generate its structures at all when ATG is present - which is inconvenient because you kind of need them for mod progression.

    I'm not sure if it's worth the development effort if it instantly breaks in most modded environments because something changes the expected terrain in some fashion.