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    Can anyone think of any odd generator types? IC2 has pretty much all of them apart from oil and gas.
    Perhaps a thermopile? The only logical generator I could think of that is worth using.
    Antimatter is simply unviable as it would need to be extracted out of the magnetosphere, which would take a huge amount of time and effort :P
    Some kind of solar boiler I guess, creating steam :P

    It might be a better idea to focus on the whole steam thing anyway though, for the nuclear reactors.

    A fart generator! Oh, right, GregTech already has that one. A solar boiler sounds pretty rad, though.

    We should have a "Lock out the moderators" button. DATA EXPUNGED

    EDIT: Sirus, you're doing it all wrong, it's calledd [DATA EXPUNGED] and is placed in the middle of a sentence.

    I believe this has been suggested to death over and over again. Except for the fact that there'd be radioactivity.

    I don't believe there should be anything only achievable through exploration, and I don't think there should be machines or loot. But a radioactive shell of reinforced stone here and there would be really cool.


    Waitwaitwaitwait... what Smash Bros. game is that? I haven't seen that background or that dog before. It doesn't look like Brawl. Is there something I haven't been told???

    They ruined it... FOR EVAAAAR!

    EDIT3: At least they added MegaMan. Props to nintendo for that.

    Oh, and check out the Thermal Expansion license, those guys actually hit that sweet spot between nihilism and being nice.

    EDIT: Oh, and can anybody tell me what Redstone Arsenal does?

    Fixed OreDict.log writing everything happening before GT is loaded into System.out.
    Fixed OreDict.log seeing GT-Re-Registrations as been done by the other Mods.
    Fixed NetherOres compatibility entirely. Including certain values in the Industrial Grinder (you now need twice as much Water/Mercury etc. for a Nether Ore) and twice as much Calcite in the Industrial Blast Furnace.
    Fixed some Rendering Issues on Pipes.

    Uh, Greg, you're running out of letters. You'll have to add something awesome so that you can proceed to 4.05. Or just go around and make it 4.04aa.

    Oh you mean the one I made like half a year ago? :3

    Lol, didn't even notice your post. Tonight, GregTech Intergalactical shall expand its influence to the KERBALS! They might be able to teach you a bit about explosions, Greg. Your company has woefully few explosives.

    Kerbal space program is awesome. They released a version that adds a tech tree and research. As I'm a complete noob at docing so I can't really make an orbital research lab I'll just build 1700 ton rockets to launch my entire lab (~150 tons) to space and brings it back after research is done. That thing could probably get the lab to Eve if I'd plan my ascent angles better :D

    I agree. That game eats my time for breakfast. BTW, does anybody have a 160*256 gregtech flag png lying around? I'd be more than happy to plant it on the Mün. Or Minmus or Duna.

    1: That's quite a good idea, actually.
    2: Liquid carbon would have to be (IIRC) 6000 degrees centigrade. But since there's liquid Tungsten in this mod...
    3: I think that's planned.
    4: The Matter Fabricator is already in the game.
    5: Well, since it's already planned, why do you ask him if he'll do it???
    6: HELL YEAH!

    EDIT: Oh, and I just read the changelog from [Last time I played MC with GregTech] to now. DAMN YOU GREG!

    I do not understand why people keep blaming Jeb for making the game an RPG. First, Minecraft is still very much a sandbox. Second, Notch only handed minecraft over to Jeb AFTER adding the Enderdragon, potions and enchantments. Jeb, meanwhile, has been adding automation to vanilla minecraft. Before version β1.8 and 1.0, minecraft was going the technological direction with Minecarts, redstone, pistons and other things.