Where exactly do you people get your lapis?

  • IF you set MFR's mining drill to 1/3 of the original work needed to mine an ore, and give it 6x Blue Laser Foci, and you use Mob-Essence to Fortune III the ores, you can produce enough lapis to run 2.5 20xQuad-Cell LZH-Condensator reactors, two of which are used to actually extract the Lapis. Rather expensive, but in the end you get the surplus ores (fairly slowly really) and about another 1200Eu/t. To me, not worth it unless you can find an even better source of lapis, so TADA! This thread! In reply to the previous comment, I don't think the drill does actually consume ores from the world, since when I play on superflat test world my custom ore generation doesn't kick in and the only ores that spawn are amber and cinnabar from thaumcraft.