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    I take it obsidian is not on that list? how about iron?

    Does the error message in the scanner mean it's not scanable?

    edit: NM, scanned it. Unfortunetly this mean that nether stars are not scanable
    edit 2: we are using 2.0.336

    We seem to ba having an isue with the scanner: I've been succesfule in scanning Cobble, sand, and gravel, but everythign else keeps telling me "!! Error !!" It's getting old actually. I've irritates my fellow workers by killing the house's EU power on a few occasions (MFE fed by 8 geo-gens supplied via the nether.) I've scanned obsidian more then 23 times in a test world and keep getting that message from the scanner.

    Is there a list of what it will and will not accept?

    Iridium was no issue however.

    um.. the quantum and nano armored zombies can drop their gear.. I've gotten quantum boots, legs, nano BP, hat and a nano saber. note I can't make the stuff yet so it sits in a box because I can't charge it.

    Is this intended?

    I was more thinking that the beta available for nutcases like me who likes breaking things :) and more of the right people, the devs wouldn't have to listen to people except the testing team.

    Also the biggest help to prevent these types of posts would be a central bug list that's viewable and easy to read (someone who has access reads a bug here, posts it there maybe after testing it, and people can see it.

    Kane, I dunno what alpha or beta you have been playing, but I have never seen an alpha this good off. Hell lots of games nowadays are being shipped in worse condition.

    to the hippomormor; if you remove power from the area, the explosion will stop, no server restart required.

    to Ops: that person is not even the first person to post about those issues, lighten up.

    to Adam; They release because their testing team thought it was ready, Personally I think they should have a bigger testing team, at lease one of which plays a server, or post the beta version to everyone wil a limit to the number of people (more than the number of testers they have now) who can post to a secure and organized bug area, which can be viewed by all, but that's my opinion.

    Required amount of copper is TOO DAMN HIGH, i have no idea how i will make these heating cells, anyway nice design.

    dude, are you using your macerators, me and my wife started over for testing and we're at t2 tech, and I got copper coming out of my nose, so much so that I'm only macerating what I need. (and I even have iron chests, and make the copper chests to lighten the iron usage)

    I have this same error and issue

    Forge 262, BC 3.2 Pre, Forestry, RC 6.1.2, NEI 1.4 (along with Chicken core), Iron chests Mystcraft, and Rei's minimap

    So you cant put Ice, Waterbuckets or Lavabuckets into its GUI? Thats no Problem, as you clearly did not show us, that tubing Items into it doesnt work either.

    Actually if you can't place the item in the machine, RP tubes and BC pipes will not be able to put it in either, at least that's been my experience, this only applies to the inputs of the device, RP tubes can easily backup and put anything it wants into the output of a machine. BC just drops the item on the floor if it does not fit.